Monday, 31 October 2011

Google+ Tweaks Itself To Compete With LinkedIn And Other Networks

With the current updates that Google + has added to its arsenal – many are now saying that it just might become one of the top contenders in the social networking wars.

These new tweaks to Google+ make it not only just a social network for friends and family, but it likewise provides commercial establishments and professionals with an excellent platform to conduct operations of business.  In other words, this new Google+ has now entered the territory of LinkedIn, which is arguably one of the top business networks in the world today.

According to experts, one of the most viable reasons as to why Google’s social network has done these changes is in order to drive more traffic to its network as well as to fight off the features that other social sites have.

With features that integrate Google+ to Google Apps – the said network will be able to match and even surpass what Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn offers to their users.  The only difference is that a user can find the features of all these sites in just one network alone.

In the end , many believe that Google’s changes to its social network has made it one of the  top contenders not only in the social networking arena – but likewise as a professional business platform as well.  Indeed, Google+’ tweaks have worked well.


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