Thursday, 13 October 2011

Google’s Dart: Meant To Defeat JavaScript?

In the GOTO Conference, Google introduced its newest innovation – entitled Dart.  And this was made to give JavaScript a run for its money.

According to Google, Dart is actually a new scripting language that has been specifically designed for client-side Web programming.  It is said to be compatible with multiple browsers and different browsers – and Google’s aim is for Dart to become the standard component of modern day web-browsing.

Currently, JavaScript is the most popular component used in web browsers.  However, with the newer and more advanced features that Google’s Dart brings along, things just might change.

According to Google, the Dart has the following features:

-         It offers a more flexible and structured web programming language.

-         Using this software will be easier and will seem more natural compared t other languages.

-         It offers a higher performance rate and the startups of applications will be faster.

-         It will be usable for many kinds of devices and platforms, such as tablets, laptops, phones, servers and many more.

-         All major modern browsers will be able to read and use it.

In the end, only time will tell if Google’s Dart will be able to encompass the worldwide use that JavaScript has reached.  One thing is obvious, though.  JavaScript has serious competition in its midst.

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