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Lead Generation – What Is It And How You Will Benefit From It

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is an essential phase in the sales process.  It is an Internet marketing tool that involves the seeking and attracting attention of potential persons or industries that may be interested in purchasing your business product or services.  This tool has numerous approaches, one of the most useful of which is done thru market research and referrals from customers.  Advertising also plays an important role in lead generation because it is the best platform thru which companies can make themselves public.

Lead generation usually falls into the sales department area. It is the sales department’s job to obtain data and information, such as names, profiles, email and physical address, websites and telephone no. of companies, industries, agencies and corporations in order to scout for new customers.  Each inquiry of a potential customer is already considered a “lead” – and the sales department will have to convince and pursue the potential buyer to make a deal.

One of the most common Internet tools used to generate a lead is thru search engines such as Google and Yahoo.  Social media networks, such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, are also primordial tools for lead generation – primarily because of their ability to connect with persons, and also because they are considered as excellent platforms wherein they can freely advertise their products through the use of audio and visual presentations.  With these tools, all a businessman has to do is to search for company names, look for the email address or telephone number and then simply send a proposal.

Telemarketing is another tool which can be used to come up with leads.  In this arena, businesses are called and certain pieces of information are gathered in order to help the company gain more clients.  What makes Telemarketing an effective Lead generation tool is due to the fact that in this instance, the seller and buyer have interaction over the phone – which means that questions and query are answered instantly.

How can you use Lead generation in your business?

If you’re just starting your own business, and are doing everything on your own – then most probably, you do not have a sales department yet.  If this is the case, you can start by making you’re own company website wherein you can advertise your company products and services.

With your own site, consumers can then easily check for information regarding your business.  You can also provide a business information sheet wherein viewers can put their business details, email address and contact numbers, so that you can check them out - giving you a hands-on impression to the your customer.  If you want, you can also opt to have an inquiry box in your website where potential customers can ask additional questions and inquiries to you.

Another technique is you make a Google search of potential companies that you think will be interested in purchasing your products. You then go to their website and search for the contact information that are usually stated in the company website.  After obtaining the company contact info you can then call them up or email them - and market what you can offer to them.

What must you do to create a successful lead generation?

Lead generation is like treasure hunting or fishing for customers. You first need to create a marketable product, or if you already have an existing one - you need to make it as interesting and as attractive as it should be.  Why?  This is because just like in fishing – your product is your bait, which is the one that you use to attract your potential customer.

In order to close a deal with a lead, you need to be assertive and convincing. After contact is made by a consumer, you must also do some follow-up inquiries like, how they found your product, or if the pricing is right, and if they are interested in making a deal.

You must also carefully pick your clients. This is essential.  Try to check for those companies that are already established and have been around for quite some time.  This is in order to assure that your business relationship with the company will be on a permanent and stable ground.  Being patient and persuasive at the same time is also essential – most especially if the aim is to close a deal using lead generation. After all, you will need to patiently answer all inquiries and questions asked by your clients, right?

There is also the need to make a very good impression on your website.  You must be able to exude trustworthiness and competence, most especially if you want prospective clients to give your site and your business a second look.

When you have a potential lead who has made multiple inquires regarding your product – try to make follow-up contacts as soon as possible.  Bear in mind that you’re not the only one providing your services – and most probably, your competition might also be looking for leads of their own.

When you’re in contact with your leads, listen to their questions and avoid doing too much of the talking.  You do not want to sound like somebody who’s doing a sales pitch. Convey the message that you are there to serve.

Remember that a great portion of a company's sales and profits primarily rely on the generation of leads.  After all without leads - you will have a very hard time marketing your product.  Hence, in order for you to have a successful business with an abundant number of clients - an effective lead generation system will surely be a great help to you.

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