Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Microsoft Adds More To Its Dynamic CRM

Microsoft has decided to join the bandwagon and has started to add new social components to its Dynamics CRM.   This new feature now includes “activity feeds” for users – thereby putting some “socializing” in the platform.

The other new features brought about by the said Microsoft update include administrative enhancements, an improved disaster recovery and others.  According to the company, it will continue to add more features and improvements on the CRM every six months, in order for users to have access to more capabilities.

According to sources, this Microsoft’s “activity feeds” is its answer to Salesforce’s  “chatter feature.

With this new changes, Dynamic CRM users can now get real time notifications, post information, subscribe and other sales elements to the formerly unsociable platform.  It also includes micro-blogging, status updates and a host of other features which completes the ensemble.

On the business side of things, Microsoft has also added more to CRM’s business intelligence, such as features for a more advanced reporting ad charting, dialogue functions and other business-related capabilities.

Microsoft’s CRM is also planning to involve cross-browsing in the future, the company getting help from Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

In the end, these updates to CRM and the updates to come are in preparation for better and bigger things, such as the combination of the said platform and Office 365.


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