Monday, 3 October 2011

Online Advertising – The Things That You Need To Know

What Is Online Advertising?

Online advertising is a message designed for the promotion of a service, idea or a product that you want to sell - making such products known to the public thru the use of the Internet.

When you open websites, you will see pop-up messages that advertise new products or banners at the side of the page – meant to attract attention to newly-released products and services, and sometimes discounts.  Currently, almost all websites have advertising in their pages and this makes advertising one of the biggest and most profitable businesses in the Net.

Who Use Online Advertising?

Almost everything is being advertised online. From small businesses, like local fishing companies and local supermarkets, which usually post weekly discounts - to large companies such as famous brands of auto companies, sports apparel, jewelries and pharmaceutical companies.

Other ads would also come from companies that provide services such as repairs or clinics and healthcare facilities. Ads coming from some companies searching for workers are also quite common on the Internet today.

Individuals and non-profit organization would also put ads to inform people of what the organization’s cause is all about, while at the same time ask for donations. Politicians and political parties are also taking advantage of online advertising – the Internet being an excellent platform to make them more visible to the public.  The military and police forces are also using ads to increase recruitment.

Examples of Online Advertising

There are a lot of examples of online advertising, but here are some of the most common types that we see online:

Banners Ads - by far, is the most common example of online advertising.  This is one where there are the buttons with the small squares or where the entire page is covered with an entire banner when a webpage opens.

Sponsored Tweet – this is another example of online advertising.  Since a lot of celebrities and sports athletes use tweet, advertising thru this format has gained popularity – due to the growing number of people who constantly check on the pages of celebrities.

YouTube Ads - as one of the most highly visited sites in the world, YouTube has gained so much popularity – that it has also become of one of the top platforms reaching an audience, making it quite an effective tool for advertising campaigns.

Google Adsense - as you may already know, Google is one of the most used search engines in the world - with millions of people using it everyday.  Again, this makes it one of the most sought after platforms of advertisers.

Social Network Ads - advertising in Social networks such as Facebook, Friendster, and Myspace has become one of the most efficient means of spreading word about a product.  After millions, even billions of people all over the world use this network – and advertising through them will surely be a great advantage.

Types of Online advertising:

A Wallpaper ad is a type of webpage advertising that acts as the wallpaper of the webpage that is being viewed; this is one of the most common types of online advertising available today.

Trick banner is a banner that actually looks like a box with buttons, commonly found in the top or in the bottom part of the webpage – which is more like an alert or an error message.

Polite ad is a type of ad which converts an ad from large scale advertising to a small scale so as not to make the content hard to view.

Floating ad more commonly known as the moving ad, this are advertisements that usually float across the screen.

Map ads are most commonly found in electronic maps.  This is usually in text or picture form, which is then used to describe the area or the location in a map.  This is most commonly found when using Google maps.

Pop-up this is one of the most familiar types of online advertising. This comes in a form of a small window which opens when you click the website to show advertising or an entire webpage.

Pop-under is much more like the pop-up window, but unlike the pop up ad, pop-under ad would appear in your screen after you close the page.

Video ad this is a type of advertising much more like those advertising done in the television, with video clips introducing and providing information about the product. The only difference is that it appears in you computer screen and not in your television set.

Mobile ad is a form of advertising thru mobile texting/SMS or MMS

As publishers how do you earn from online advertising?

One of the most common forms of making profits from online advertising is Cost per action (CPA).  In this form of online advertising, the advertisers only pay the webpage publisher if someone clicks the advertising and if that someone completes the transaction.

Another form is Pay per Click (PPC) in which the website publisher is getting paid each time someone clicks the ad and there is no completion of transaction involved.

Cost per Mille (CPM) is a different payment form of online marketing. In this form, the publisher is getting paid by the advertisers with the amount of people who visits the website.

Advertisers and publisher are benefiting from online marketing. Publishers earn because they are getting paid by advertisers while the latter get to promote their products more rapidly and to a much wider range of viewers. So, if you are starting your own business and sales are a bit low this time - you might want to consider advertising your company online.

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