Monday, 3 October 2011

The Amazon Tablet Released: And The Tablet War Continues

With the up and coming release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, the “tablet war” rages on.

Amazon’s version of Apple’s Ipad is smaller, with a seven-inch size, 8 GB of onboard storage, WIFI capability, and a host of other features that make it one of the top choices in the PC-tablet-frenzy that the world has become.

However, one of the greatest come-ons of the Fire is the fact that it sells for just $199 – this during a time when almost all PC tablets are being sold within the $500 mark or more – whether it be the Xoom, Galaxy Tab and of course, the ever powerful Ipad.

Reviews about the Amazon tablet have been both hot and cold.  The more feature-oriented reviewers have pointed out the lack of key features of the Fire, such as its memory, storage capacity, speed and its wireless data features.

On the other hand, with the price that the Kindle Fire is being sold for, many likewise consider it an excellent and practical buy – with its streaming video capabilities, bookstore, e-reader, dual core CPU, an app store provided by Amazon itself, a display with excellent resolution, a decent browser, and of course, the $199 price tag.

In the long run, only time can tell as to how Amazon’s Kindle Fire will fare in the market.  Though many do not consider it to be the one which can unseat the Ipad from position – it can still be considered as one of the top players as the “tablet war” continues.


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