Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Auto Responder – Designed For Making More Sales

Auto responder is a software used in email marketing to send high volumes of emails to email addresses of visitors who checked the website.  Usually, these are websites that require visitors to put their email addresses and other information such as names in the personal information page.

The auto responder is the one responsible for sending email messages to this email addresses. The primary role of auto responder is to reach out to a large no. of customers instantly, thru email.  And since email messages are all the same, you don’t need to send specific emails to each one of them, which means saving time and effort.

Another advantage of using auto responder is that you can easily attach links of other websites that are affiliated to your business to your email messages.  It is more like you are marketing directly to your customer, and since you get to send messages instantly to your customer, the response rate is higher.

Higher response rate means higher viewers and an increased number of potential customers.  This is one of the unique features of auto responder, because it allows you to send bulk mails to a lot of email addresses, providing a direct approach in marketing, thus increasing traffic to your website.

Here are some additional things that you can do with an auto responder:

1. Generate leads.  People who visited your site usually leave their information such as email address - which means that they may be interested on the products and the services that your provide. This also provides you with the opportunity to remarket your products on potential customers.

2. Provide a complete price list and product details on the items and services that you offer. Thru this method, customers are able to see that price lists and materials of the product and services that you are selling.  With auto responders, the customers can also compare prices with other products. However, you will need to include purchase forms or order forms, so that customers can order from you online.

3. Include free reports on your email messages in auto responder format. These are reports such as updates, new products, discounts, promos and anything new that is related to your product. This can be reports about affiliated websites and businesses, or any other aspects related to your business.  It is in this way where customers are constantly updated on what is new with your businesses.

4. Check for customer satisfaction using survey forms that are in auto responder format. This gives you vital information as to what customers need and what they are after. It also gives you the opportunity to improve your business based on feedbacks and comments of customers or visitors on the survey forms - thus providing them with better service.

Remember that better service would result to a more satisfied customer - and this will result to your customers making additional purchases or maintain a long term business transaction.

5. You can include additional advertising and endorsements in auto responder format if you are running out of room in your webpage to put additional ads.

6. You can attach complete information with possible questions that the customer might be asking and the answers to those questions in auto responder format; this saves you the time and money of addressing each question emailed by the customer.

The customer can also be satisfied because all possible questions that she/he is having in his/her mind is answered. So, there is a big possibility that the customer would then reply to the email to make a purchase.

7. You can also publish information such as the terms and conditions, return policies, deadline of promos, purchasesFree Web Content, and refunds in auto responder format. This gives the customer the necessary information on the terms that your business provides.

The use of auto responder in your email campaign guarantees an increase in traffic to your website.  And take note that an increased traffic will result to a higher possibility of sales - and you can also make money out of PPV and PPC websites. With the use of auto responder, you can create your own email database of interested potential customers and existing customers.  And with this email database, you are able to reach out to your customers, make direct and indirect sales, and thus, increase sales and profits.

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