Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Iphone 4S Release – Some Are Happy, Some Are Not

Millions of people from all over the globe have been waiting for the unveiling of the newest Iphone in the market.  And finally, the wait is over.

On Monday, the new Apple CEO Tim Cook, introduced the new Iphone 4S, made at Apple’s California headquarters.  But with the release of this highly anticipated product – the public has been sending mixed emotions.

For many, the disappointment comes from their expectations that the newer Iphone would be an Iphone 5, and not just an improved version of the Iphone 4 – meaning they were expecting a newer look, a newer design and a whole new phone.

On the other hand, many are still impressed with the features that the Iphone 4S brings along.  This newer version has a faster processor, an 8 MP camera, a new antenna and many other features that are aimed in keeping up with the Iphone franchise’s successful run.

Only time can now tell as to whether Apple’s new CEO and its newer Iphone 4 version will be able to equal or even encompass what the franchise has done throughout the years.  However, it can be reasonably expected that people will still continue to wait and anticipate for the surprises that Apple has in store for the world.


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