Thursday, 27 October 2011

Unthink: Will It Be The Social Network That Defeats Facebook?

There is a now a new social network in town and it claims to be the one which will put Facebook and Google+’ hold on the world a little less tight.

This social network is named Unthink – and according to its creators, it is everything except anything like Facebook, Google+ or any of the other big social networks.

According to the company, its manifesto is to provide its users with all the services that they will need, minus any of the privacy concerns that hound other social networks.

According to its founder, the main objective of the network is to emancipate social media, for the purpose of ensuring that the extraordinary potential of people from around the globe are extracted and implemented.  In effect, Unthink aims to have a “social revolution” – starting by giving people the right to privacy, the right to use their content and the right to keep it for themselves.

The Unthink network has been opened with an invite only beta-testing last Tuesday – and the company hopes that with the numerous frustrations that have brewing from the new changes made on Facebook and the anti-corporate sentiments hounding Wall Street-  that many will support the “revolution” that they are calling for.

There is now an app that allows a user to transfer all his files and info into the new network.   And as to whether the company will succeed with its objective, all will just have to wait.

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