Monday, 14 November 2011

Diaspora Co-Founder Dies At The Young Age Of 22

Ilya Zhitomirskiy, one of the co-founders of Diaspora, died over the weekend at the very young age of 22 years old.  His death was confirmed after the alpha version of the open-source social network was released.

Diaspora, a relatively new network – is considered by many to be the best alternative to Facebook, most especially with the latter’s silo effect.  This is due to the fact that with Diaspora, users will have more privacy and will have more control over their data and other information.

The new changes to Diaspora have it more appealing to, such as updates, notifications, “like’ buttons, apps, direct messaging and many other features which are bound to entice more users to join the network.

Zhitomirskiy and his other co-founders, Raphael Sofaer, Daniel Grippi, Maxwell Salzberg were all students of New York University when they designed and created the network.  And according to the many friends and supporters of the deceased social network advocate – he really did just want to make the world better.

Although the reports of the death of Zhitomirskiy have already been confirmed – the circumstances and the reasons surrounding his death are still unknown.  But what is sure though is that the world has just lost a very young social network advocate who may have contributed even more to the world, if not for his early demise.

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