Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Flash Mobile Player – On Its Last Days

Adobe has just confirmed rumors and reports that it is stopping the developing of Flash Mobile Player and is now joining the many who believe that the best path for mobile devices is the HTML5.

According to the company, the last release for the said player will be Flash Player 11.1 which has been designed for the Blackberry Playbook and Android-powered devices.

This news brings about the probability that the future now lies with HTML5, considering the fact that the said program is supported by most mobile devices and programs.  In fact, the soon-to-be-released final version of Flash Mobile is meant to provide users with a smooth transition to HTML5.

It must be noted, however, that Flash players, per se, is not dead.  There are still millions of Flash developers and users out there – which is why Adobe is planning on developing packages with other companies for its Adobe Air, but this time, minus the need for a Flash player.

In the end, this seeming “surrender” of the Flash Player is a testament to the emerging power that is HTML5.  And with the latter’s numerous options and excellent features, many are still excited as to what the future holds.  But whatever it may be – it seems that the Flash Player, by that time, won’t be around.

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