Thursday, 10 November 2011

Google+ Launches “How To Guide” To Understand Its Pages

As many may well already know, Google+ released its Google+ Pages recently – a feature which has been designed to allow businesses, products and brands to post updates, statuses and other information that their company may have.

However, because of this relatively new feature, many of those who have availed of this new feature are still unable to decipher all the helpful features that this new innovation brings.  And this is why Google has decided to launch a guide in order to solve this problem once and for all.

With this guide, a user will be able to know and understand how to create its own page, how to promote it and even how to measure its effectiveness.  With it, a standard or novice user will be able to know in detail how he can use his Google+ page for his business and how to rate it with the help of Google Analytics.

From these it can be reasonably deduced that Google+ is bent on making itself the top social network in the world today.   And with its excellent features and its mission to help users understand them – there is indeed a big chance that its plans just might become a reality.

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