Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Google+ Pages Now Available For Businesses And More

Just recently, Google has announced that businesses, brands and other “non-humans” can now access Google+ - the company’s growing social network.

Before this announcement, numerous businesses and brands have already showed interest to join the said network.  However, Google restricted this and terminated any business accounts that were spotted.  The said businesses were then told to just wait because Google+ will be eventually releasing formal business pages in the future.  And now, the day has come.

With this new feature – businesses can now create formal business pages with Google+ Pages program.  With this, all kinds of businesses, even non-human entities, can now create their own pages using the social network’s tool.

The categories available for the pages will be for: 1. local businesses, 2. products or brands,  3. Companies, organizations and institutions, 4. arts, sports and entertainment, and 5. others

With these new changes to Google+, more and more businesses will be provided with a way to spread the word about their products and services – thereby helping each to gain more visibility and eventually allowing each to gain more profits in the long run.  Indeed, this is a welcome development to the ever growing Google+ network and all of its users.

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