Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Google’s +1 Button: Now Even More Powerful

Google+, the giant network’s entry into the social networking wars, is now getting even more powerful and interesting.

Currently, a new feature of Google+ includes a more powerful +1 button, which allows users to know what their friends are reading and enjoying.

According to Google, this new +1 feature allows users to see in their Gmail contacts what articles, books and features that friends in their Google+ circles are actually enjoying.  This is made possible by the spotlight section in the Gmail contacts page, wherein one can see the things that other members have “+1’d”.   With this, a user is able to view the profile pictures of the friend liked a certain article – just like when one is using conventional social searches.

This more powerful +1 button will also allow a user to express his opinions and share them with his friends as well.  However, most users are still in the dark as to how use this feature actually works.  But Google hopes that in time, more and more people will learn how to use it for the betterment of their social networking experience.

Clearly, however, it can be gleaned that Google will try to find the best ways and means in order to win the social networking wars.  And judging from the innovations that it has been steadily introducing – it just might do so.

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