Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Mobile Social Networking – Growing More In Europe

Statistics have shown that social networking with the use of mobile phones has been steadily increasing in European countries, such as Germany, Spain, France and the U.K.

Marketing researches have shown that mobile social networking has grown 44% during the last year, and with the scores of social networkers that are going in each day – this number is expected to increase even more.

During the month of September, around 55 million mobile phone users accessed their preferred social networking sites and blogs – the said number being around ¼ of the total mobile audience of the said countries.

Among the popular social networks, Facebook is still considerably the one on top.  This is evidenced by the increase of mobile users accessing the said site - which is from 25 million to 39 million.  Twitter follows Facebook with 8.6 million users, and then LinkedIn, which actually doubled its audience to 2.2 million users.

Although using conventional browsers is still considered to be more popular than using mobile phones to access the Internet – the use of mobile applications is rapidly increasing, which is why experts believe that this will lead to more mobile phone vendors releasing cheaper smartphones to accommodate the increasing demand.  And clearly, this is a good sign for all mobile social networkers in the world today.

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