Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Social Media Helps Spreads News And Updates About Thai Flood

As many may already know, Thailand has been devastated by a flood disaster whose effects are still being felt by many citizens therein.  In fact, there are still some areas that are uninhabitable as of press time – despite the numerous rescue efforts that are being undertaken to help solve this disaster.

Unfortunately, many Thais and people from around the world are complaining that the reports of government officials are either too slow to reach them, while some are even contradicting each other.

With the help of social media, however, communication is now made better.  Currently, social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter are now being utilized in order to spread reliable reports with regards the actual conditions that the flood-stricken areas are in – and of course, with the World Wide Web – reports and news are quicker to reach its recipients as well.

Because of this seeming importance of social media during this disaster, the number of Thais that use Twitter has now climbed to 20%, while the number of visitors for news blogs and websites visitors has significantly increased as well.

To many around the globe – this worldwide use for social media is a testament as to how the Internet has become a big part of the world today, and how it can bring numerous benefits, not only during for pleasure or entertainment, but during times of turmoil as well.

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