Friday, 11 November 2011

Social Media – The New “Spin Room”

With the current surge of debates for the primaries for the upcoming US presidential race, there seems to be a new “spin room” brewing – and no it’s not the reporter’s lounge.   Social Media is now the newest platform for candidates to bring their message to public and vice versa.

According to observations, many candidates now prefer to use social media as an avenue where they will be able to discuss whatever needs to be discussed.  And because of the convenience and quick response rate of the Internet – prospective voters can now openly question and gauge candidates as well.

In the last debate for the Republican Party nomination, voters were able to ask their questions directly to their preferred candidates through Social Media.  During this time, candidates were able to answer the queries of online users as they were read on the air, while comments and reactions about their answers were also made available to the public.

With this new innovations and changes, it can be gleaned that indeed, Social Media has indeed changed how the world works – and this includes how politics is played.   And what makes this new scenario even better is the fact that “spin rooms” are not limited to reporters alone.  Now, everyone can be part of the spin room – and this includes you.

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