Friday, 25 November 2011

Social Networking Apps – Helping One Find Love

At this age of the Internet – social networking has become much more than just a means to communicate with friends and family.  Today, mobile phone applications can do more than that - because there are now apps which can actually help one find love!

These new dating apps are actually location-based, allowing users to use their smartphones in order to text or message people within a few hundred metres away.  If the other party replies or if the two hit it off – then one can say that it would be love in the making.

There are actually numerous apps which have these features.  One of the most popualr is Blendr, which is now used by many people in many countries.

According to its creators, the app was mainly created to help single men and women to find prospective partners, thereby speeding up the dating process. And though there are some who claim that using these apps can be a cause for concern – the creators beg to disagree, saying that in the long run, its aim is to provide all singles out there with the chance to find his or her lifetime partner.  In other words, with these social networking apps – one may just find love around the corner.

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