Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Social Networking – Not Just for “Socializing” Anymore

Buenos Aires, Argentina – in this part of the world, social networking is not just for uploading and posting photos of friends and family alone anymore.  It has now become a platform to show off soybean fields, tractors and farming-related products - and even cows!

The social network Sojabook, which translated in English means Soybook, is slowly gaining ground in the said agricultural country.  This is in relation to the fact that currently, Argentina is one of the world’s biggest producers and suppliers of soybeans and other farm products in the world.

According to Sojabook’s founder, the said social network was primarily created in order to provide farmers with an easier and convenient platform to communicate and in order for them to get their daily needs.  With Sojabook, a farmer can easily post anything he wants – while viewers can easily just press on the “like” button to show his approval and support for the same.

Although the said social network still has a modest following of around 1000 followers, this number is expected to increase, most especially because Argentines are considerably among the top social network users in the globe.

But regardless of how one may view the said network and its focus niche, one thing is clear though.  And this is that social networking is indeed, for everyone.

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