Monday, 21 November 2011

The Galaxy Nexus – The Newest Smartphone In The Market

Iphone beware – the Galaxy Nexus here.  With the upcoming release of this Android-powered smartphone, many can’t seem to wait.

Although no sale date for the formal launch of the phone in the US has been set, many reviews about written about it have been raving.

Among the many positive impressions that reviewers have of this new smartphone – the favourite feature is that among all the other options out there – the Galaxy Nexus is one which is bound to bring its user the most raw and pure Google experience.

Another important aspect of the said product is the fact that it is set to be released with Verizon – which is considered by many to be the network with the best 4G services.  This is in line with the claim of many users that the Verizon 4G has the capability to upload and download from the network, in a much quicker time.

As mentioned earlier – the formal launch of the Galaxy Nexus is still not set.  However, there are reports that aside from Verizon, the said smartphone can also be used with AT&T, T-Mobile.

It is worthy to note as well that outside of the US, there are already HSPA+ versions that are being sold.  In fact in the UK, the Galaxy Nexus are now even on sale.

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