Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Twitter: The Newest Political Tool?

At this point in time, social networks have now evolved from just being a mere way to contact and communicate to friends and family – into one of the most effective political tools as well.

In the USA, where the up and coming elections have made mudslinging part and parcel of each candidate’s campaigns – each have utilized their own social networks, most especially Twitter, as a way to communicate with voters.

For those who are accusing other candidates of any wrongdoings – Twitter has become one of the most useful platforms and the same goes with candidates who have been accused and want to defend themselves in the eyes of the public.

Twitter’s political use has gained focus with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain’s brush with sexual harassment allegations.  In order to defend himself to his constituents, to voters and to the general public, Mr. Cain has been using the said social network to provide instantaneous responses to the claims against him, and his supporters have been showing their support thru the tweets and visitors in his profile.

Indeed, with the emergence of Twitter and all the other social media networks – it can be gleaned that the way politics is now played already has changed.  Now, as to whether the politicians themselves will change, is a totally different story.

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