Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Yahoo launches its new features for the holidays

Just recently, Yahoo has made some changes to its Yahoo searches – all meant to entice holidays searchers, like those who are looking to shop or find recipes.

Hence, instead of the normal or standard algorithm results, such as to the 10 blue links that commonly appear on searches – this new feature allows a search user to have a richer and more interesting experience.

Now, a slider with recipes from and other websites will provide you with the best choices that you want.  It will have the Facebook sharing tool, new tabs for filtering search results in correlation with calorie count, preparation time and ingredient options.  This newer version will also have a new “Recipes” tab which users can use.

Online shoppers will also be happy to know that this innovation includes a “Shopping” tab, which, similar to recipe searches, will make things a lot more convenient for its users.  Hence, instead of showing just 5-10 products for sale with links to Yahoo shopping – this new slider will include “Deals” and “Buying Guide” tabs.

Indeed, with these new features, the upcoming holidays will become much better for all, as the shopping and recipe searches become much more convenient and excellent for all.  These new features are now available at


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