Wednesday, 30 November 2011

YouTube Now has Its Own Version Of Analytics

Are you one of those who constantly want to be on track on the stats that your uploaded videos have?  If you do, then you’ll be happy to know that now, there is YouTube analytics.

YouTube Analytics, just like its Google counterpart, Google Analytics – has been designed to provide users with a more advanced and more detailed statistics of the “goings-on” of the video which one may have uploaded over in YouTube.  Through this, one can see in more detail, how many visitor hits a video may have been getting and what has the most promise of becoming viral hit.

Just like in Google’s Analytics – YouTube Analytics will provide its user with more in-depth reports with regards the status of a site, an interactive map for most reports and even the geographic distribution of your metric interest.  And if the user wants, he can also opt to filter the reports that he may be getting – segregating or filtering them by content, date and geography.

YouTube Analytics was recently launched to replace insight, which was the default “analyzer” of YouTube.  And it seems, that with this new change - more and more people just might become more interested with the said viral network even more.

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