Wednesday, 21 December 2011

10 Ways How Google Analytics Will Help Your Business?

Google Analytics is a very important tool in doing online business, because it is thru this program that you are able to track the visitors to your site. With this information, you can enhance the numbers of people coming to your website – which will then reasonably result to an increase in profits and sales for your products and services.
Google Analytics makes use of a cookie and a code, JavaScript, to collect data about the websites users and track their activity.  This data is used to assess if your ads, backlinks, keywords and content are effective or are doing as good as they should – thereby helping make the correct business decision in the end.

Here are some ways that Google Analytics can help your online business:

1. Tracking of revenues- the program contains a complex and comprehensive system that tracks both online and offline orders.  With this system, data on revenues, category, keyword and average order, will be measured accordingly and will help you create the right plans to maximize profits.  

2. Addressing problems in sales funnel – analysis and optimization of your website’s sales funnel is another helpful feature of Google analytics.  With the data from this analysis, you can now set a goal to correct each stage of the sales funnel in order to avoid losses and increase profits.

3. Fix website errors - errors like broken or none working links can give a very negative response to you website and your revenue in total. With Google analytics, you can easily locate and fix pages with errors.

4. Reduce bounce rate – high bounce rates happens when visitors visit the website and immediately leave. With the help of Google analytics, you can reduce your bounce rate by eliminating low quality traffic, providing relevant information and competitive prices for your site.

5. Track the effectiveness of the SEO- SEO’s primary goal is to direct and increase traffic to the website. With the help of Google analytics, your websites optimization will be tracked if there is any increase in traffic, or if there are any changes with it whatsoever.

With this data, you can change your website content or check for non-working backlinks and have changes done to your website for better optimization.

6. Find sources of revenue – as online marketers, you will need to track and report on each channel that can create revenues.  Using Google Analytics, you can assign a Tag URL to track URL’s.  Once you have tracked the URL, you can now analyze the data, such as bounce rate, page traffic and revenues.  You can then find those channels that are not producing revenues and find possible ways to get some profit from them.

7. Track links – With Google analytics, links that direct traffic to your website and links in your website content that direct traffic to other websites are tracked to check if there are non-working links and to know where your visitors usually go.

8. Compare seasonal trends – One of Google Analytics unique feature is its ability to track and compare seasonal trends. This is to collect data on customer’s behavior and spending habits, so as to provide the best and right approach in increasing sales.  An example is when for instance on the months of February and March, customers don’t spend and buy much, from this information provided by Google Analytics - you can now provide special offers and sales on your items to encourage people to still spend and buy during these periods.

9. Provides domains and directories – Google analytics determines two things from visitors: visitor information and traffic sources.  With these, each visitor is sorted out by domains and are then stored in directories.  Google analytics also give you complete control in managing your domains and directories separately, which makes it easier to analyze and convert raw data to actual information.  This feature is found to be especially useful for those with large websites.

10. Sends email reports – With Google Analytics, marketers are regularly updated to the negative and positive changes to their website, getting them involved in every detail of their business as much as possible.

By fully understanding the features of Google analytics, you will be provided with important information on what is not right in your online business.  Through this, you will be able to address the situation accordingly, and you can then maximize your profits and create that successful business that you’ve always wanted.

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