Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Drupal – Everything That You Need To Know About It

Drupal is a free open source (CMS) or content management system software, which is now widely used by all types of websites - from blogs, forums, social media, and advertising to small businesses.

This great use for the software is not really surprising, considering that it brings about user-friendliness and a state-of-the-art platform which allows it to support any technology that is used in the Internet - making it among the most trusted and preferred software of web developers and SEO experts.

Here are some specifics attributes of Drupal that you might want to take into account:

Improved URL Control — Drupal allows you to have complete control with regards your URL creation.  In Drupal - each node and content can be given a specific URL, which means that you are not limited to just one URL link for all of your posts.  With it, you will also be given an option to automate and customize URL constructions for each node – which means a more organized and cleaner URL’s for you.

Custom content – Drupal gives you the opportunity to create different content types and unique custom views - whether your content be articles, blogs, ads or audio visual media - through the use of its Content Construction Kit and View modules features.  With this you can display as many content as you want, without having to write a code for each task.

Easily configurable – you can easily configure your Drupal to change versions of the saved pages from the old to the new and vice-versa, giving you the option to revert to old revisions.

Categorized – Drupal has been designed in such a way that organizing and tagging of content is much easier.  With it, each content type is grouped into sets of categories – which means that you can have forums that allow tagging without it affecting your article section whenever new forum contents are added.  How?  This is made possible because Drupal has designed that your article section will have a different set of categories that can only be chosen from a list of categories.  Other features, such as the CCK and Custom View, can likewise help you because these can easily track the keyword phrases that you searched with Wordtracker.

User Control- Drupal user-friendly features provides you with access to many custom user roles and provides user with complete control of functionality, like creating custom roles such as  administrator, guest, visitor and editor.

Titles and Tags Modules— Drupal allows you to customize and change individual meta description tags on pages, thus, making it easier for you to edit your page’s elements, content and HTML.

Provide Tutorials – Drupal provides step by step instructions on how to install and use the software.  Tutorials can be in audio visual form, E-books, and if that is enough to help you out – you’d be happy to know that Drupal has their own web community which can assist you in your queries.

It is thru this community that you may find new features that can be downloaded for free – usually including features that are not found in Drupal’s default settings.

Default PHP Template — Drupal’s PHP template theme engine has made editing and theme creation so much easier that you won’t have to be a PHP expert to get things done.

Strong and Large Community —Drupal has a very active and friendly community - and it is a great place to get answers and tips about how the software works. You can also visit Drupal groups if you want to engage in discussions with other users.

With the help of these Drupal groups, you can get modules to help you out.  Thousands of contributed modules have made Drupal much user-friendly and more developed compared to other CMS software.  In fact, these have helped enhance and produce better versions of Drupal, eliminating its bugs and disadvantages.

From these it can be gleaned that indeed, Drupal is one of the programs that can make webpage content management easier and more efficient.  And with so many websites who are using Drupal and with its continuous efforts to further develop itself - expect Drupal to remain as one of the most used and sought-after software in the industry.

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