Monday, 5 December 2011

Facebook Plans to Double the Size of Its Operations within the Next year

Facebook, the world’s largest social network – intends to make itself even larger.

Just recently, Facebook announced that it is planning to nearly double the size of operations by next year – primarily to cater to its ever growing number of members, which today, stands at around 800 million worldwide.

According to the company, it is planning on bringing in numerous new engineers and a whole lot of other professionals in order to enhance the features that it brings, as well as to write fresh new codes for the links that the giant network uses, and other works related to its operations.

By early next year, a new engineering center based in New York City is set to be opened in order to accommodate the approximately thousands of new employees that Facebook will have.  This is the first office of the giant network that is located outside of the West Coast.

Today, Facebook is open to accepting applications from whoever wants to give it a try in the Big Apple.  And to the many people in New York and in the world – it will be safe to say that indeed, there are many things to “like” about the giant network after all.

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