Tuesday, 6 December 2011

FIFA To Use Goal Line Technology For World Cup 2014

For the first time in history, FIFA will be using a goal line technology for the World Cup.  This innovation is set to be used for the World Cup 2014, scheduled to be played in the beautiful country of Brazil.

This introduction of technology is a welcome addition to the World Cup, considering that over the years, there have been many controversies in the games played with the league, due to the so-called “phantom goals” – which have been caused by mistakes committed by referees, match officials and other aspects.

By tradition, however, FIFA and the World Cup and have rejected moves to put any kind of technology into its games – with the contention that any form of technology will only diminish the human nature that the game of soccer brings.

But with the advent of more advanced technologies and with the current controversies hounding its recent games – the league has finally decided to give in and now plans to make use of a new goal line technology which will allow game decisions to be more definite and to avoid any more controversies in the future.

Indeed, there can be no denying that technology has now become a big part in all aspects of the world now – and this includes sports.  And with this new technology that the FIFA is set to bring to the world and to its millions of fans worldwide, things just might become a lot more interesting than ever.

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