Friday, 9 December 2011

Google And Mozilla: Are They Really Ending Their Partnership?

Just this November – the partnership contract between Google and Mozilla ended.  And when either of the companies were interviewed for any comment about the status of their partnership, or as to whether it will be renewed or not, none of the parties were able to give a categorical straight answer. According to experts, if the partnership is not renewed – many factors can be attributed to it.  However, one of the most viable would be the fact that Google’s Chrome is actually one of the stiffest competitors of Mozilla Firefox. Now, although one cannot easily underestimate Mozilla – since it is still considerably one of the most successful Internet companies in the world, one cannot discount the fact that Google has been one of the major contributors to Mozilla’s income.  In fact, studies have shown that Google has more or less contributed to around 80% of the revenues of Mozilla. Further speculations that the partnership between Mozilla and Google is about to end is the new customized version of Firefox with Bing – which is obviously a semi-partnership between the two.  It must be noted, however, that the current default search engine of the Firefox remains to be Google. Indeed, this year has not been a good year for Mozilla Firefox.  With a year that has been besieged by market share losses, complaints from other companies and corporate problems – Mozilla does need some tweaking to make things better.  And until its partnership with Google is renewed, things just might get a little more difficult for this popular company.  What do you think?

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