Thursday, 8 December 2011

Is Social Networking Almost A Saturated Market? It Is, According To Some Analysts

According to some analysts – the market for social networking is slowly becoming saturated due to its enormous use in almost all parts of the globe.

This report stems from statistics which show that almost people in the globe actually use social networking services.  Examples are Canada which has around 88% of the population using social networks, Poland 95% and the urban areas of China at 97%.

According to the company which released the result, their studies come from their consumer research which showed that today, there are more and more people who actually take more time engaging in social networking activities, rather than going to church, talking on the phone, using conventional mails, and even exercising.

Because of this use, there is a greater chance that the social networking market will become saturated – which is not really good news for social network upstarts who do not really have the means or the technology to compete with the more experienced ones.  In other words, those networks that are not that equipped are more likely to fail.

On the other hand, the company also believes that for the more established social networks – this great use of social networking will only mean greater opportunities for them.

For the social network users in the world, this will mean more networks that will provide better features for all.  This is essential in order to remain strong in the field and in order to maintain the number of users that it has.

In the end, the company predicts that the next batch of social networking services will become even more time-saving, more efficient and will be even better.  As to whether these predictions will become true or not, we will just have to wait.


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