Thursday, 1 December 2011

Spotify Adds “Facebook-Like” Apps Into Its Arsenal

Spotify – one of the world’s leading online-music service companies – has just made some changes to its services, allowing it to be more different from its growing list of competition, such as those from Amazon, Google and Apple.

Just recently, Spotify has introduced the use of apps into its arsenal - for the purpose of making things more interesting for its hoards of users from all over the world.

Among the apps that are available are those coming from Rolling Stone magazine, CBS, Songkick, and a whole lot of other established companies – all of which have been designed to help Spotify continue to remain in the top.

It is worth noting, however, that though the apps may be made and created by third parties – Spotify will always have the last say with regards approval or rejection.  According to the company, this is to ensure that each app that will be used by its users will be of the highest quality and will be safe.

With these new features, the company is expecting to entice more users to its service and to maintain its current roster of users, despite the stiff competition.  Currently, Spotify has around 15 million songs that are available for listening to – and this number is expected to increase even more.

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