Monday, 5 December 2011

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Twitter For Business

Twitter is a microblog – which is more like a regular social network and blog site combined. Now, it may not have all of the features of a conventional social network, it can be quite an excellent tool for business, since it allows you to be followed by people, thereby creating your very own audience and prospective market.

If you are ready to give Twitter a go and see what it’s all about, here’s a quick start guide for how to get the most out of Twitter.


1. Create your free account in Twitter– This will only take you a few minutes.

2. Search for people and friends you know who have twitter accounts. Find those that you want to follow and click the “follow” button located below their thumbnails. After doing this, Tweets from this set of friends that you are following will appear in your twitter page.

3. Create a tweet about yourself. Your tweet must not exceed 140 characters – since this is the maximum amount of characters allowed per tweet. So try to make it brief, concise, entertaining and interesting.

4. You can use your twitter account to reach out to your followers.  Tell them anything and everything, about your life, your activities or other information that might prove interesting to your followers. The main goal is to create a relationship and build rapport with your followers.  After all, you just might never know, but you just might want to engage in some sort of business with them in the future.

5. You could tweet about fresh news, movie reviews, or some article that you’ve recently read, or even the latest gossip.  In other words, you can tweet anything that is on your mind as long as it fits within the 140 character limit.

6. If you have an ongoing business, you can use twitter to help boost your sales and profits. You can tweet about the services that you provide and the items that you sell. If you have a new product that is about to released - you can tweet it ahead of time and get orders.  You can also do this if you want to inform your followers that you are having a sale on certain items or special discounts.

7. The technique in creating a successful twitter account is to create an appealing and unique content or tweet. Take time to think about what possible tweets that can produce the most responses, because you want your follower’s constant attention. Think of it as a Stage and you as the performer.  Hence, you will need to come up with new tricks to entertain your audience.

8. Subscribe to twitter feeds to receive regular fresh articles and news.


There are things that may produce a negative effect on your twitter page and must be avoided.

1. Do not use automated software programs that automatically respond to your followers. You must provide direct and relevant and personalize response to your followers, after all we are building relationship. Think of it as calling an office and you will be answered by a pre recorded voice, now it would be totally different if someone actually talked to you. Once you post irrelevant messages - followers stop giving you the attention you need – and you do not want that.

2. Try not to follow everybody that follows you. Let’s say you’re following 5,000 people, it becomes impossible for you to be able to find the relevant tweets that you need. And it makes it hard to locate the tweet made by people you really know. Try following people that you actually know or those that you want to learn more about.

3. Try not to follow people you don’t know, except when you want to know them or do business with them. At the end of the day, you want to enjoy logging in and seeing what other people are doing.

Twitter accounts may be another method for bored people to waste their time sitting behind their computers at home, but it does have a many business benefits. You can make new friends and develop relationship with other individuals.

If you combine Twitter with other online marketing strategies such as social media marketing and advertising, then it just might be able to provide you with the help you need to start up that online business that you’ve always wanted.

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