Thursday, 22 December 2011

What makes a good web page?


I was asked the other day, what makes a good webpage. Was this a trick question by a competitor or someone just trying to pick my brains? Never the less, every business deserves a good webpage. If your business is going to be online, it’s there for a reason. One of the reasons is to portray an image of your business, what you sell and what you offer.

10 Points that make good webpage?

Below are some quick points to tick of when working towards a good webpage.

1. Design: The overall appeal and layout of the web page

2. Content: The text and information found on this web page.

3. Structure: The way the website text and layout is structured to ensure its user friendly.

4. Colors: The colors you use on the page will ignite your visitor’s emotions.

5. Load: The quicker the page loads, the better user experience and also you will get some brownie points wit the search engines.

6. Images: Images say a thousand words, use your images wisely on your webpage.

7. Navigation: A good navigation for users to navigate to others pages on your site. Don’t make your page like an island.

8. Your brand: make sure the webpages are consistent throughout your site, and it portrays a professional brand.

9. Social Network: Have good options for users to share your page on social networking sites.

10. Be your self: Don’t copy other websites, be user self, and genuine. This will show out in your web page, which your visitors will appreciate.

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