Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Your Google Rankings – Avoiding The Things That Will Negatively Affect It

Your Google Rankings – Avoiding The Things That Will Negatively Affect It

Lately, there has been so much talk about how to get to the top most Google Rankings.  However, before you decide to go into the things to do in order to increase your rankings – it would even be better if you took note of the things that will negatively affect your page rankings as well.  Otherwise, your rankings might get a bad beating – despite you having done everything to increase it.

Here are some of the things that will negatively affect your Google Rankings:

Duplicate Content  - never plagiarize.  Aside from being a crime, having duplicate content will only make things worse for your site.  It may lead to the suspension of your account or site, or it may even lead to its removal.  Hence, always make sure that the contents of your site are all original.

Poor Quality Content – when writing articles, contents, press releases or news, it is imperative that everything is of top quality.  Using wrong grammar, punctuations or spellings will definitely make your rankings go from bad to worse.  Google now has detectors that allows it to authenticate and measure the quality of your contents.  Hence, the worse your contents are – the worse your site ranking will be.

Absence of Google News Sitemaps – as much as possible, your site must have these maps for better rankings.  With these sitemaps, Google will find it easier to crawl your web pages and index it.   Also, to maximize this potential – it is also advisable that you arm your site with the most recent articles for better rankings in the end.

Abstract Headlines – remember that the more abstract your headline is – the harder will it be to understand.  Hence, you must make ensure that the headline of your site is brief, clear and keyword specific.  Through this, you will be able to target relevant keywords more efficiently – and of course, higher rankings will not become a problem for you anymore.

These are just some of the things that you need avoid if your goal is to have higher rankings. Remember that page rankings will play a vital role in the success of your online endeavour – and this is why aside from doing the things that you should do – you must likewise avoid the things that need to be avoided as well.



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