Monday, 9 January 2012

Basics on maintaining your rankings

For many business the most common challenges how they can maintain a high ranking among search engines, specifically Google.

Google is one of the most widely used search engines in the world – which means that there are significantly more Internet viewers using it than other search engines. Because of this, an SEO expert’s goal is to get websites posited high in search results to drive quality traffic to the website..

As you may already know, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the architects behind every website’s success.  After all, even you can make a very good website with very good graphics - but no people are viewing it, then everything becomes useless.

So we ask ourselves, how does SEO help us in creating a successful website with a no. 1 ranking in Google?

Here are some ways to improve the ranking of a website:

1. Create a blog

Creating a blog in a website creates opportunity for viewers to add new contents easily. If your website adds new content regularly, it attracts more traffic towards your website. And as you may already know - the more fresh unique and quality content you have the more the search engines like your site.

Another advantage of having a blog in your site is that viewers constantly visit your website to check for updates and new contents. It also allows viewers to make inquiries and comments. And with the help of your viewers, you can further increase your website’s traffic as they share your website in social networks and as well as your links thru social bookmarking.

2. Make use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free software that helps website owners by providing information on how their are performing. Its features are actually like goal and events tracking – while its intelligence can provide you with useful information such the appropriate keywords and phrases that produce the most traffic.

3. Minimize code bloat

Search engine spiders are constantly searching for fresh and unique content.  But having too many or a bloated amount of JavaScript and CSS in HTML codes makes it unsearchable by spiders and it will also result to a longer time for page loading.  And if search spiders cannot classify your content - it may result to a low page ranking.  So, it would be best to keep things in the right level.  In other words, don’t overdo things.

4. Create a unique page

Search engines like Google, ranks websites based on the relevance of its content. Creating unique content or one that is not duplicated from other websites – will create a higher ranking by Google and a better visibility for your site.

7. Add links to every page

Adding links to every page with the use of specific keywords can create significant increase in your website rankings. If you’re using graphical or flash navigation in your website and not anchor text, you might as well use footer links to create links to other pages.

8. Create a separate page for every keyword

Having the right keyword is essential in having a high page rank. You need to find keywords or key phrases that are unique and at the same time are widely searched in search engines.

Creating a specific page on your website for each keyword create a much easier navigation for viewers because they will land specifically on the page that provides answers to their concerns.

9. Create unique title tags

Title tags are those that appear on the browser’s title bar, which usually determines your websites’ content. Avoid using your name or your company’s name.  Instead, make use of keywords that attracts the attention of potential clients. This will give your website a solid SEO advantage over other websites, and increase your website rankings.

10. Advertise

Advertising is one way of letting visitors that are navigating the web, to know that your website exists. With this, there will be an increase in the flow of traffic to your website – thereby resulting to a more increased page ranking for your site.  And as mentioned earlier – the more visible your site is, the more is the chance of earning!

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