Monday, 2 January 2012

Get the most out of your Google Plus Business Page

As of today Google + has over 50 Million users world wide, and increasing day by day, reports say on average 625000 users join every single day, and its expecting to have 400 million users by the end of 2012. The simplicity of the platform, and its integration with all other Google services including search is something business cannot afford to miss out on.

As Face book and twitter is important in your social media strategy, Google + should also be one of the platforms where your business is found, and building new connections. Every platform is different in its own rights, and has its own unique audience. Now if your business voice is echoing throughout all these platforms, you are bound to get some authority and get noticed.

When you sign up to Google Business pages, you need to make sure that your profile looks welcoming and most importantly attractive. Below are some points to help you fully optimise your business page.

1. Clear Company Name: When creating a business page, ensure that you have your company name entered fully. If you're a limited or a registered company, you do not necessary need to put LTD or LLP at the end of your business name. The name should be what generally your users would search for on the web. e.g. Alrayes Web Solutions.

Google Plus Business Page

2. Business Profile Image: This is what your visitors would generally see and relate to your business. Also this is the logo that gets posted along with all the posts that you publish though your business page. Having your business logo clearly here would be a wise option.

The recommended size for the Google Plus Profile image is: Maximum Width = 202px   & Maximum Height = 192px. If you are upload anything bigger you will have to crop it to this size, or anything smaller will look distorted.

The formats that you can upload are: PNG, GIF and JPEG.

Google Plus Business Profile Logo

3. Business information: This is the place where you really sell your services, Take some time out to come up with a nice introduction paragraph about your business, explaining what you do, and about your organisation, and your contact information.

If you're a business opens to the general public, you can also add your business hours for your visitors to know exactly when your open or closed.

Edit Google Business Profile

4. Scrap Book: These are the images across the top of your profile. A good place to advertise your services, or to promote some exciting images about your products, services and organisation. You can be cleaver with this section are relay some messages to your visitors in a graphical way.

Recommended Scrap book size: Maximum Width = 126px & Maximum Height = 126px

Google Plus Scrap book

5. Personalise your URL: To make things easier for you why not have your Google +URL something easy to remember such as: rather than: To do this you can use a service called which allows you to create a simple URL to redirect.

Shorten Google Plus URL

You now have your Google Plus business page all setup ready to populate with some cool stuff to share. Remember this is a social networking site, and the aim is to build your brand reputation online, build new connections and to gain authority.

6. Delegate: For your business page you may not have all the time to keep it up to date, so you may want to delegate certain tasks out to your team members, or company managing your social media campaigns. You can easily create Managers for your Google Plus page, so that others can also manage your business page too. You can create up to 50 Managers for your business page.

Watch this video below on how to create Managers for Google Plus:


Do I need Google + 

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