Monday, 30 January 2012

How to choose the right social media platform

Online businessmen are now aware that in order for their business to grow and increase profits - they have to make use of all the available tools and channels that potential customers can use or those platforms that can generate traffic to their website.

As customer interests and needs vary, so are the marketing strategies that online businesses use in order to adapt to their needs. And with the upsurge of today’s online surfers - social media is considerably the best place to promote business profiles.

Today, online companies are trying to incorporate business functions with social media. After all, by utilizing social media giants such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube, online businesses can now further reach out to an untapped market in the web – thereby increasing their online audience. Besides, it is a fact that these websites are some of the most visited area in the virtual world - which can certainly be big help in directing traffic to your company website.

Factors to consider in choosing Social media platforms

When deciding on what social media platform that you can use for your online business, you will need to look for software that can provide you with user friendly features that can assist you in managing and monitoring your channels.

It is also equally important to have social media platforms that have detailed analytic features to help you and your marketers in measuring effectiveness of a marketing strategy and campaign. They must also be compatible with other media channels such as email, other websites and shopping carts.

Before choosing the social media platform to use, one must asses the amount of audience required for sharing and connection. In other words, online businesses must work on logistics before starting their social media marketing campaigns.

Another aspect in choosing the platform is that it must support mobile use. This is to allow an additional remarketing channel – besides, this will keep interaction with customers much faster.

Though social media tools have different approaches, they all have the same role - and this is to attract visitors and gain popularity for your website or your product. Hence, you must choose what media platform will perfectly fit to your campaign and your target audience.

The social media platforms to choose from

You can always start with a blog with rich content that is about your product and service and/or related issues. Though a blogsite has limited interaction, it is still a good way to entice people to check out your content and make comments, or maybe click links directed to your main website. However, for blogging to be effective - you will need to constantly update your content. Otherwise people won’t give your site any attention.

Other businesses prefer creating their very own Twitter page, as the social media platform for their marketing campaigns. With Twitter, the amount of words that you can use per post is limited so you have to be really short, direct and precise. Now, for your campaigns to really work with the said platform - you will need to have a lot of followers that will not only follow your tweet, but will also share them.

Youtube is another sought after choice of social media platform; this is for those web visitors who prefer audio visual presentations rather than reading articles. Though it is an effective marketing tool it also has its limitations - and this is that one cannot communicate beyond the video.

Facebook is another famous social media format. With its more than a hundred million users, you can assure that you can definitely capture a set of targeted audience. Another advantage with Facebook is that it allows communication and interaction with its audience.

Marketers can have chats with the customer, answer their questions or even send them private messages. However, it may be a wrong choice if you don’t want to hear your customer’s personal and professional comments.


There is no right and wrong social media platform to use in your business marketing campaign. You just need to know what social media tools will fit to your business approach in order to obtain your target audience. One thing is for sure though: Social media as a marketing platform can contribute positively in a lot of ways – and it will increase your profits in the end.


  1. It's also a good idea to do some research to find out if there are any niche social networking sites that pertain to your industry. There is often a lot of noise and distraction in the big social networks so finding one that is more focused can work well.

  2. Ah yes Nick finding out where your target audience hang out can mean you can focus your marketing, as with social media you need to get your own sweet spot, what works well for one many not necessary work well for others.

  3. good idea and very nice post.