Thursday, 19 January 2012

How to get your business a Facebook Landing page

Facebook now has over 800 million users, and is growing extremely fast. A lot of focus already being given to Social Media, and especially now in 2012, the way the web and search on the Internet is evolving, it's all around social media. Well that's where everyone is hanging out. So it makes sense for businesses to be there. Just like the good all saying... "If you can't beat them...join them"

I'm going to show you some simple steps on how to create a Facebook landing page for your business, as I have just finished a series of designs for our clients at Alrayes. First of all before we go into creating the landing page. Lets understand how this will benefit your brand and business.

Why have a landing page:

By creating a landing page for your business, when a visitor comes onto your Facebook page, instead of seeing a busy wall with full of interaction and engagement which can be quite overwhelming, what they see instead is an appealing page, giving information on what to expect if they like your company on Facebook, along with encouraging them to Like your Facebook page. On the other hand if a visitor comes and sees your Facebook wall, to them at a first glance it may just look like any another wall on Facebook, which can limit the chances of them moving away without liking your page.

Sometimes you just need that bit extra encouragement for the visitor to like you. Many Businesses online do this by offering something for free, if you can show your visitors value in following your brand on Facebook, there is no reason why they wouldn’t like you. Value could mean any of the below

  • - Useful information

  • - News and engagement

  • - Tips and advice to help them

  • - Competitions

  • - Free gifts

It could be anything that they would relate to and impress them.

Now onto creating this landing page.

Design your landing page

First of all let's get together what you want on your landing page. Either yourself or with the help of a graphic designer put together a design with the below dimensions.

Width: No more than 520px - I generally prefer to work with 515px width, so there is a bit of a space for some browsers.

Tip: When designing your Facebook Landing page image, you want to keep it simple and focus on users to like your brand. Do not over do it with lots of images, and texts, as this can defeat its purpose. When a visitor lands on this page...It's your chance to impress at first site.

Design Facebook Landing Page

Upload Image

Upload the image you have onto a server, most likely your business will have a website hosted on a server somewhere. You can create a folder on this server and upload the image on to the server. Or you can use your CMS platform (Alrayes/WordPress/Joomla...etc) to upload the image onto the server. (You can seek the help of your web team to upload the image to the server)

Set links on your image

Now you are ready to set links on your image, depending on the design you have created you may want to put links to your other social networking sites or back to your website or maybe even a product landing page. To do this, you need to create image maps. (Again you can seek help from your developers).

To set links yourself, you can use a program, which allows you to paste the URL of where you have uploaded the image, and set links by creating maps over the area which you want the linkable.

Image Mapping Tool

Creating a Tab on your Facebook Business Page

You are now ready to create a Tab on your Facebook page, which will display this image that you have just created. To do this you can use an app called: Static HTML for Pages, once logged into your Facebook account, on this apps profile page there will be a button at the top called "Go To App". By clicking on this you can follow the steps and install the app onto your business profile page. It will ask you to enter your company name (your Facebook Business page name) and your telephone number.

You will then be given an option to paste the HTML code that you created earlier above with the links. Paste the HTML code and remove the <html> <body> tag from the top and </body> </html> from the bottom. After saving your code click on the Button at the top of the page "return to Facebook page".

Once you are on your page, click on “Edit Page” and Select “Apps” from the links on the left, and under  "Static HTML for Pages" click on the link "Edit Settings”. This will give you the option to change the tab name to something more personalised such as "Welcome" or "Your Company Name".

Right next to the above link there is a link which states "Link to this Tab", this will give you the URL directly to this tab, which you can than set up on your web page and other places where you want to divert visitors from to this landing page.

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