Thursday, 26 January 2012

How To Make Your YouTube Campaign Successful

Although social network sites like Facebook and Twitter have completely changed the World Wide Web - YouTube still continues to be the undefeated site when it comes to video marketing and advertising - and this is why many consider it to be one of the best platforms for online and offline business today.

YouTube offers unique opportunities that allow businesses to gain exposure, to market their services, to show their expertise and to share their products to the viewers.  
It must be noted though - that regardless of one’s niche - the best technique in making successful business with YouTube is by careful planning and making the right video formats either for tutorials, advertising videos, demonstration videos, flash presentations, and other media.  Why?  Because this will create awareness about the company and will entice people to watch your video – thereby resulting to more profits in the long run.

Here are 10 tips that can do to make your YouTube campaign more successful:

1. Choose the type of video that you’ll be making carefully.  The common problems among business are that they spend a lot of time and money on a video that does not represent or support their actual business identity. You need first to create a goal and try to accomplish it by matching the video to the business to best describe it.

2. Create a specific customer demographic. Figuring out the specific audience that you want to in order to make your goals easier and more precise.  Hence, you will need to know what your audience likes, needs, and what videos that they might like to share, or those that they may find appealing.

Take note, however, that addressing your audience’s persona may take some time, research and effort - but it will pay off if you do things the right way.

3. Evaluate your campaign’s success. Remember that a video’s success is not based on how many views they get, but is actually on the number of shares that it gets from related industries. Set a realistic goal on how many shares you want to have. 

Remember that these “shares” by related industries and businesses will generate more potential consumers for your website and these will create leads – which are considerably far more important than the video views that your campaign may get.

4. Find groups of people who can help to get the word out.  In other words, find certain groups of people who are interested with your niche, and try to reach out to them. This will makes relevant sharing and promotion of the video much faster.  And of course, this will mean more success for you.

5. Create quality content. Logic will tell you that if you have uninteresting content - then nobody would even bother to check out what you have to say.  Hence, you will need to create quality content with maybe a joke or a little sense of humor, or one which is informative, or you can even create a tutorial video.  What is important is that what you offer is interesting and entertaining.

6. Have your video embed to your website or blogsite. This is very important if you want to enjoy the benefits of both worlds.  By doing this, your videos will be viewed on YouTube and on your website as well, thereby increasing its exposure.

7. Optimize your video. In this instance, you will need the help of the search engines in order to maximize results.  This is why the title of your video can also be very crucial.

Create a title which is both unique and compelling. It will also help if you did an extensive research on the right words and keywords to put in your title - for optimum results.

8. Make use of YouTube’s “recency”, which is designed to classify and rank good new videos.  This will ensure that you can promote and publicize your video in order to gain high rankings.

9. Always utilize YouTube’s new features.  Remember that these features have been specifically designed to help you create unique videos that can easily be shared by viewers.  It also provides an easier way to link your video with other related videos and a call to action.  In other words, knowing and using these features will help you – a lot.

10. Monitor your channel regularly.  This is essential for you to know how your video is progressing, how many shares it has had and how many views it has been getting.  Through this, you’ll be able to evaluate your campaign’s success – and this will then help you do the necessary adjustments later on, once the need arises.

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