Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Benefits of Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is considerably, one of the most effective methods of e-commerce right now.  And this is not really surprising, considering that it is a very unique procedure for doing online and offline businesses – the same having already proved its worth to numerous successful businessmen.

Besides, in this day and age - mobile phones have become very useful in the business world due to its proficient features which allows the making of calls, net browsing and other business activities - even while one is on the go.  Hence, with its ability to make direct response and with its significantly low cost - mobile marketing is expected to change the pace of doing business and how it is actually done.

Here are some tips on how to create a successful SMS marketing thru your Mobile phone:

Be Simple – in order to be more easily understood - one must be able to create simple and direct mobile messages, or basically one that explains everything.  Hence, making short, concise, and simple SMS messages will assure that you will get more responses compared to formulating long and complicated ones.

Find The Perfect Combination - combine mobile marketing with other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, emails and other platforms that you can use to communicate with consumers.  Remember that one cannot really send enough information on a single SMS message – which is why it would be wiser to back them up with the help of other media to further encourage clients to make a purchase.

Know Your Limitations - one must limit the number of messages to be sent per client. This is to avoid spamming and to avoid annoying your client.  Usually, if the client receives 3 or more messages a month from a single seller, the client easily loses interest – in fact, this might result to him avoid reading your message instantly as he receives it.

Grab Their Attention - grab your client’s attention by including certain keywords in your message. Keywords such as REWARD, FREE, Limited-Promo, and contest entry will make your prospective clients more interested with what you have to say and this will lead him to check out your website or the links attached to your message.

This is actually one of the advantages of using mobile marketing – it allows you to reach a wide array of audience who are using mobile devices to check for web contents, and it will make it easier for you to monitor those keywords that will work for your audience and those that will not.

Use QR Codes, If Possible – a mobile marketing campaign has a greater chance of succeeding if the website or product that you are promoting is website-ready, which means that it has its own QR code.

These QR codes are actually bar codes that are usually found on magazines, business cards and even in shirts. With these, all that the consumer has to do is to scan the product with his smart phone and all the information about the product and the website will appear in the client’s phone. In other words, with the use of these codes - clients can now search for specific details with regards a company and the product that they are offering.

Know Your Target - be consistent with your demographics, and create a message that will directly address to their needs and wants.  In other words, you must know which people to focus on – from which group you’re sure to get a response from, and those which most likely will ignore you.  With SMS marketing, you can track and record results from former clients with your saved messages or from statistics based on the response you got from a specific group of consumers.

In the long run, what is essential is that you are able to efficiently market your product to the public and to make that profit that you’ve always wanted.  And with the help of mobile marketing – you can certainly expect success to come a lot faster and even more efficiently than you ever expected.

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