Thursday, 5 January 2012

WordPress CMS – Is It Right For You?

What is Wordpress CMS?

Wordpress, is a free publishing and blogging tool software that is used to create your very own blog or website.  And although it started only as a tool to set up a blog site, it eventually evolved into something more than just a blogging tool.  Today, with the help of programmers, Wordpress has become one of the most used Content Management Systems today.

Content management system or CMS, is actually a program that helps in the creation and management of website contents.  It has even been proven to be quite useful when creating and editing themes, videos, images and postings, as well as in the management of HTML content.  In other words, this program can be used for numerous purposes and it can be used to create various platforms of websites, including social media networks.

Why choose WordPress CMS?

Wordpress has gained worldwide reputation by defeating MODx and SilverStripe, in the Open source CMS awards last 2009, resulting to the increase of its popularity not only as a blogging tool, but also as a CMS software.

Unlike other CMS software, Wordpress actually has an easy installation procedure.  It normally takes just about 5 minutes to install and run the software, which makes it easily installable for individuals – even for those who only have basic knowledge of computers.

You can likewise tailor-fit your Wordpress account according to your liking, because it provides users with the option to change its site’s themes and customize its design templates according to his preference.  You can even change your plug-ins or download additional plug-ins to fully enhance your CMS features.

Of course, since Wordpress was originally intended for blogging, it can also be used for your business needs - such as for your company’s blog site, website and etc.

With its user friendliness features, Wordpress has been the choice for a lot of users. Its simple yet powerful functions have earned it positive feedbacks. And the best part is that it’s for free, which means that you can easily create your very own blogsite from scratch without having to pay for it.

Some of WordPress CMS’ Useful Features:

Easy Installation and use- It has an easy 5 minute installation procedure. Its installation instructions are so easy to understand due to its Graphical User Interface, that provide simple options and features, making the installation process quick and easy and making it a very good choice for CMS beginners.

Modifiable CMS Theme- It gives you the option to select from different themes and templates.  It has an option that can be used by beginners and experts - giving both experienced and novice developers the opportunity to customize and design their very own templates and themes.  In fact, this is another feature of Wordpress that attracts users.

Multiple Plugin CMS - It allows users to integrate different kinds of features into his blog site, which is usually done by incorporating multiple plug-ins and tools.  By providing useful options to choose from and its multiple plug-ins, making websites and editing it becomes more fun and exciting, necessarily resulting to an even more enhanced features of your website.

Editing without coding- As mentioned before, WordPress CMS is intended for individuals without expert knowledge of programming, giving beginners the opportunity to take advantage of Wordpress features that allows one to edit HTML content without any coding.  Of course, if you are already an expert and want to do some coding, then you can likewise do so as well.

Performance and Speed – It may be a powerful software, but Wordpress is a light software, so you don’t have to worry about your page loading speed.

Provides Security - Security of your website is very important, and must be given top priority, to protect your site and its content.  With Wordpress CMS, you are given multiple security options, aside from the security plug-ins which further helps in ensuring website security.

Expert Support - Wordpress user communities and groups can be found all over the World Wide Web and the number of participants is continually growing.  This makes it easier for users to ask for professional advice with regards Wordpress CMS features – making optimizing it a whole lot easier.

Hence, if you’re looking for user-friendliness and an easy and light CMS software to start your blog or business website - then try Wordpress CMS.

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