Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How to create a successful Mcommerce campaign

Mcommerce or more commonly known as Mobile commerce - is one of the latest breakthroughs in ecommerce strategy.  And because of its ability to conduct business transactions using mobile phones, mobile devices, tablets and gadgets – the said method is gaining popularity among offline and online marketers alike.

Mcommerce has been defined as all transactions made and completed with the use of a mobile device with an Internet access, such as transactions like the selling and buying of goods and services, and the transferring of ownership.

It is not a hidden fact that majority of people worldwide has a cellphone, and that majority of cellphone users not only use their mobile device to receive calls and make one, but also to access the internet and conduct business using their mobile device.

And with the release of new tablets and other mobile devices that contain applications and features for a much easier business trading and browsing - it cannot be gainsaid that these mobile wonders will do more wonders in the field of business.

With mcommerce, doing marketing campaigns will become a lot less expensive compared to other marketing platforms.  It must be noted, however, that creating your very own mcommerce website will become tricky at some point – and not doing it correctly may result to a decrease in ROI and an unsuccessful campaign.

Mcommerce and Business: Their Relationship

Just like any business campaign, creating an mcommerce marketing campaign is easy – but it’s the running of the campaign which is quite challenging.   Just bear in mind to promote your campaign effectively - and all the pieces will fall into their rightful place.

Before anything else, you will need to come up with a marketing strategy that applies to both your mobile and website campaigns – primarily because these two platforms are usually interconnected.  In fact, when doing mobile marketing, customers are usually directed to the company website for additional information.

After you create your campaign strategy, you can now start finding specific content for your mobile device and not just those shortened versions of the full description. You will need to do some extensive research on this one to determine the specific content that visitors are looking for. You must also be sure that your marketing tool is compatible with almost all mobile applications.

Also, you can make use of professional services coming from expert dedicated staff in creating the best mcommerce content.  Take note, however, that this can be quite expensive.  However, with their help, you can easily generate and moderate huge amounts of user-generated content.  You can also do the research yourself.  However, if it fits your budget - it wouldn’t hurt to seek professional advice every now and then.

You also need to balance information about content and specs, in order to ensure that the campaign is just like conducting a casual conversation. With these, visitors tend to stay longer, because they are constantly fed with useful information. You can then categorize these visitors and clients to focus your campaigns on priority customers.   Afterwards, you can then target a specific group or groups of customers, and then create an approach for each of them.

Simplicity in Mcommerce

In sending campaigns to these priority customers, you will need to have a simple and direct campaign, or one that attracts interest - but does not necessarily involve information overloading.

Simplicity, when applied to mobile campaign operations, will mean shorter business processes and will ensure a longer interest span for the visitor. Hence, you will need to come up with shorter filling forms when visitors want to make an order and some buttons for easier page navigation. Various payment options must also be provided for easier payment options.

You can also provide customers with brief information about the products and services – but don’t forget to attach your website in your campaigns, though.  This is because you can only provide limited information in your mobile campaign - and you site can provide visitors with the additional info that they may need.

Lastly offer potential and interested clients all sorts of incentives, promos and limited discounts; this will guarantee increased traffic towards your mobile website.

From these it can be gleaned that Mcommerce can be used successfully if you can properly implement the right strategy.  With it, you’ll be able to entice customers to participate and you’ll be able to entice them to make purchases. And by incorporating these simple tips on your campaigns you can be assured of greater profits to reap in the end.

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