Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How To Effectively Use 2-D Codes For Your Business

With all the information and marketing done through mobile devices, using 2-D codes is considerably one which has great potential.  In fact, this has gained even more popularity as more and more websites have now become mobile-ready.

Now, if you’re still planning to incorporate mobile marketing to your online business with the use of 2-D codes – here are some tips on how to use it successfully:

 Educate your clients on how to use 2-D.

Though it is quite popular on some areas, 2-D codes are somewhat new to other areas and to most consumers.  In fact, the use of 2-D codes is actually still in its infancy stage, although it has been getting some interest from many online marketers and consumers.

Now, in order for you to be able to maximize results with the use of 2-D codes for your online business, you must educate your clients and allow them to embrace the idea of doing business with these tools.

By pointing out how the procedure runs and as well as its tools - such as code readers and the devices that is needed to access and scan 2-D codes, not only will you be promoting the coding system - but you will be helping your online business as well, because your clients will be constantly using these codes to access information.

Direct customers to websites that are Smartphone friendly.

To promote use of 2-d codes, direct consumers to those websites that actually support 2-D codes.  In this way, it will become a habit for your customers to use these codes and this will certainly be helpful for you.

Avoid committing the common mistake of driving your visitors to regular non 2-D webpages.  You can always link your 2-D code promotion to a mobile-supporting website to enhance the customer’s experience – and this will ensure more return visits.

Promote your website using 2-D code in areas with cellphone coverage.

Another common mistake among online businesses with 2-D codes is that, some of them run their 2-D promotion on areas that have bad or no cellphone coverage, rendering the promotion useless.  If your going to promote a 2-D code website, you have to make sure you have a mobile coverage first, whether it may be used in a subway station, rural area or at sea.  You can determine this by doing the necessary research accordingly.

Give your customers rewards

One of the most effective ways to promote 2-D code for your customers is by providing incentives for the extra trouble they have in using the application, or simply - to enhance the experience.  Remember that a reward, discount or any special offer, will encourage your customer to use the apps again, and it will make them feel that you appreciate their time and effort in scanning the 2-D code.

Monitor the traffic to your 2-D Code Landing Page

We all know that marketing is about how customers and consumers respond to a certain promotion.  Hence, you need to track and monitor these results, from the good and bad alike.

You can actually track and measure hits with the help of Google analytics and some other 2-D code data tracking system. With these data you can either maintain your promotion or make the necessary changes to create a more effective one.

Conduct regular A/B Split Tests

You can conduct regular A/B split test to check if your 2-D code landing pages are effective. A/B split test is best use to increase conversion rate by determining which part of the page is working and not.

Create entertaining 2-D code promotions

The best 2-D code promotion is to grant the consumer an experience – that will make him come back for more.  Hence, you need to create an interesting and entertaining 2-D code promotion.

2d codeAlso you have to make sure that your 2-D code promotion works in order to avoid your customer from encountering any glitches with the ad or catalog. Always test them to make sure that everything is working at tip top shape.

Update your 2-D Code Promotions

Update your 2-D code promotion regularly.  In this way, consumers will remain interested to check out what you have again.  You can also change discounts and make different weekly or monthly offers to customers, in order to entice clients to constantly check for updates.  It will also help if you constantly made your site more interesting in order to entice to keep on coming.  In other words, always do improvements.

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