Monday, 13 February 2012

Pinterest – How To Efficiently Use It For Your Business

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks today, Over the past couple of weeks, it's been impossible not come across a blog, forum or news Pinterestnot talking about Pintrest, it has grown at a record speed, faster than Facebook and Google Plus – the same having a 4,000% increase in subscription in just a span of 6 months.  This increase is attributable to the fact that compared to Facebook and other popular social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and others - Pinterest users actually stay longer on the site – which is why it is now likewise considered be one of the most visited sites online.

Now, if you’re not yet that familiar as to what Pinterest is, here’s a little description of the site.  It’s actually like your very own online bulletin board, where you can pin pictures, which is like having your very own virtual scrapbook.  However unlike the “like” in Facebook - Pinterest subscribers usually pin and share photos to show their interest, which makes the site and its users very Visual. It's all about good images, and prorating a brands lifestyle.

Now, for users to pin pictures, one of the ways is to download a toolbar, which will actually be used for grabbing images and to identify the website where the pictures came from,  and once the users pin Pinterest Price Tagpictures on their board, followers (just like in Facebook) and your friends will be able to see the pictures that are pinned in your board. If they find any photos to their liking, they can always grab that photo and pin it on their own board along with liking it.
Although Pinterest can be used for personal fun, it is also worthy to note that it can be quite useful as a business tool to promote your products and services. Here are some useful tips on how to successfully use Pinterest for your business.

1. Promotes products. Create a Pinterest account and then pin images of your product, or related pictures, to your board. In this way, people are madeaware of what you are selling and the other services you provide.  Below each picture is a box where you can place short descriptions of the photos that you pin – so, you can basically put some promotions to go with your pictures.

In addition, since you are allowed to have multiple boards, you can now group these boards according to themes, features, usage and demographics, thus helping you to create your very own product catalog.

Connect on Pinterest2. Directs consumers to your Website. One of the main features of Pinterest is that it allows you to put price tags on items that you pin in your board and it also allows you to provide links which will direct the prospect to your company website.  With these, a visitor can further check out more details about the product, and make purchases if he wants.

Also when you put prices and links to your photos, you will be instantly added to the Pinterests Gift Page, where fans or subscribers commonly click to check for available products – and obviously, this can be a very good tool to direct traffic to your site.

3. Creates Visual Digital resume. It doesn’t mean that since you don’t have any products to sell, that you can take full advantage of Pinterest. You can actually promote yourself and your business by making a Visual digital resume and pinning it on your board.  For example, if you’re a chef - then you can post images of you cooking and serving food for people – and let the world know about it.  It’s simple as that.

4. Helps SEO Campaigns. When your pins are added to the Pinterest Gift page, this means that you attach links with your pins – which will then create important back links to your website, thereby helping in diverting and directing traffic.  However, in order for this to work effectively, you will need to use the right keywords to describe the pictures and for more prospects to see it.

Another method is to share your pins on other social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter in order to for you to generate more links.  You can also offer your fans incentives and rewards for pinning in your board rather than just allowing them to see your board, because this will direct more traffic to your website.  Remember that the more of your pictures that are re-pinned, the better will this be for your site.

6. Connects with users. Don’t forget that Pinterest is first and foremost, a social networking site– and this means that you have a social obligation to connect with your followers and other subscribers as well.  Create some time to converse and engage your followers and build relationships with them – thru this, you will be able build your account and your brand reputation.  Besides, simply thanking those followers and subscribers that re-pinned your photos would send a very good impression, and would even encourage them to follow you more.  And this can never be a bad thing at all.

These are just some of the things that you should take into account if you want to use Pinterest.  In the end, what is important is that you are able to utilize all the necessary tools available in order for your business to benefit greatly.

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