Monday, 27 February 2012

Simple Tasks to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Let’s go direct to the point.  Are you looking for ways to increase your conversion rates?  If you are, then here are some tips that you might want to take a look at in order to make it possible:

1. Focus on one category of product or service.

Instead of offering all sorts of products and services on your website, I would highly suggest that you instead focus on a specific category and focus your marketing there.  In this way, you will have a loyal group of purchasers, and at the same time - you will have an increased rate of site visitors becoming clients.

An example is that if you are trying to sell beauty products - then focus your content on beauty products and promote this specific category accordingly.  You can likewise choose to include related products such as slimming teas and so forth – but again, try to eliminate non-related products.

By focusing on a certain product category, you will have a clear and specific promotion.  Besides, it can be really hard to persuade an online visitor to make a purchase about something that they don't want or need.  However, by having only one product category, you can be sure that the visitor is somewhat interested - therefore increasing the possibility that he/she will make the purchase.

2. Position your opt-in offer correctly.

We all know the importance of the opt-in offer – which is for capturing clients’ email information, in order to build your e-mail list. Using the email list that you come up with, you will be able to regularly exchange messages with your clients, thereby building trust and a good relationship with them – and which will make doing promotions much easier.Turn Visitors To Customers

However, in order for an opt-in offer to be effective, you will need to have an interesting idea for your offer.  It is also suggested that you place it at the top part of the home page or in the top left corner - because these are often the places where the initial attention of visitors are drawn to, and they are above the fold, so no much effort is required to see these areas.

3. Light box Call of action

Make use of pop-ups as one of your advertising tools or a call of action to get the visitor to do a certain task.  Take note that though it may prove to be a nuisance to some, one can’t change the fact that it is one of the most effective way to interact with your visitors.

Some ideas for light boxes:

- Build your mailing list

- Contact form

- Live help desk

- Promotions and offers

- Event information

4. Grab your visitor’s attention using your headlines

Your page headline is another aspect that can affect your website’s conversion rate – and this is because headlines are usually the first thing that gets a visitor’s attention.  Hence, you will need to have a headline that creates interest and a little mystery.

Come up with a headline that highlights your product and services, while at the same time providing readers with useful information and encourage them to take an action.

One of the most successful headline examples are those providing solutions to common problems or questions.  However, you must have the credibility on the information that you provide though.  Otherwise, you might end up losing the interest of your visitor.

5. Make your products more desirable.

One of the most successful methods in converting a visitor is to provide images of your product that will be appealing to your audience. After all, with today’s online audience, appearance is everything.  Hence, come up with interesting and desirable images for your products to encourage purchases.Increasing conversion rates

The location of your images can also determine the success of your conversion rate.  You can either put these images at the top of your webpage or your order page to give the audience a tangible effect.   In short, these pictures of your product or your company just may be the turning point that will make your visitor buy what you are offering.

You can also opt to provide realistic approach on your images – and you can do this by having some pictures of your satisfied customers and post captions stating how satisfied they are with your company.

6. Optimize your landing pages.

This is one of the points that I am testing at the moment on some of my sites, trying various landing pages designed and built in a way to interact with your visitors and increase conversions and click though rates. This can be done by trying various landing pages for different channels of advertising that you do, such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Organic listing.

Landing pages are designed in a way to increase conversions, so you don't want to have the generic page, instead simple page with basic information for what the visitor is looking for. (I will write a separate article on landing pages)

These are just some of the things that you may need to know in order to increase the chance of turning your visitors into your customers.  In the end, what is essential is that you are able to make the sale.


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