Thursday, 9 February 2012

Using Froogle for Your Online Business

Froogle is Google’s newest online shopping engine, which though still in its beta phase – is a platform that many have been waiting for because of its capacity to become an excellent online catalog search engine.

In addition, Froogle is likewise considered as one of the most useful tools of online retailers because of the fact that it does not charge businesses any fees and it is very easy to use.  Hence, if you think that it has no major importance in your online business, then think again.

Here are some more tips on how to use Froogle successfully:

1. Create clear descriptions for your content – if you check Froogle, you will notice that products with clearer descriptions are found more quickly than those with messy descriptions. This is because the creators of this platform believe that you don’t get customers just by having your website appear on the search page.  You must also make sure that the customer clicks on the website and make the purchase.  However, in order for the latter to come into place - you must have a clear description of your content.

Froogle also provides opportunity for online businessmen to use their product description into their very own sales pitch.  And it is expected that when it comes out with its full version, more features to help you with your online business will be released, such as easier creation of contents or product descriptions.

2. Leverage your prices – with Froogle, you can easily set a specific price for your products.  And with this data, Froogle can categorize your product according to pricing and major product categories.

Hence, if you are offering cheap prices on certain brands or products, visitors and prospective customers that are interested in purchasing a product that you are offering will be redirected accordingly.

Navigation has also been made easier with Froogle because things are already categorized in this platform - and one can just easily check as to which major category a product belongs to.

Now, if you want your product to be in another category, you can always revise the contents and details, and Froogle will change them for you - based on the data feed that you provide.

You might also want to do an extensive research about related keywords, key phrases, or brand names that customers may use when searching for products similar to yours.  In this way, you can add popular brand names and keywords on your product description, diverting more traffic to your website.

3. Build the right data feed – this is very crucial in using Froogle as a marketing tool and as a way to create traffic.  But you can actually do this by using effective product contents, descriptions, names and titles.

Remember that if you are able to build good data feed, not only will it help you with Froogle, but it will also help you in closing deals, retaining customers, or even when enjoying multiple purchases from a single customer.

4. Upsell and cross-sell your product – Froogle allows online marketers to upsell their products by providing a shopping cart software that suggests better deals to customers – and this is something that you can do for your business.

For example, if a customer is interested in buying a $69.00 product, the shopping cart can suggest that he can purchase another product that is either more or less expensive – in effect, providing more options for the customer.

5. Remarket – using Froogle, you can be assured that visitors that are directed to your website will be interested with your products and with the prices that you offer for them.

And because customers already chose a product category based on prices and brands, and your website came up afterwards – then this will be an opportunity for you to obtain their email addresses in order to send ads and product info, discounts and even promotions on a regular basis to them - but this time, you can do it thru email.

Currently, Froogle is still on its beta phase.  And this means that Google may decide to either expand its features, or close it down anytime.  However, it is important as online business people, that one take full advantage of the platform while it is available. After all, not only is it free – but it can also help you start directing traffic to your website to increase your profits as well.  And obviously, this can never be a bad thing at all.

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