Thursday, 16 February 2012

Website Loading And Performance – Make It Better For Better Sales

As we all know, Ecommerce is one of the most effective and the fastest way to do business in today’s generation. After all, it is cost-effective, it sends word fast and it is available to anyone with an Internet connection.  However, because of this speed - ecommerce customers can also be the most impatient clients that one can find.Hence, even if your website has the best pages in town, or even if it contains the most accurate information or the best prices compared to other websites - but if your pages load very slowly, then you might have a big problem.  Chances are, visitors will only wait for a few seconds or a few minutes max, and would decide to look somewhere else, due to your page loading longer than the usual.

It must likewise be remembered that Internet speed is indirectly proportionate to a web surfer’s patience.  Hence, as page speed increases – so will a client’s impatience decrease.

And with all the available software and programs that the Internet has – there are now many online merchants who build their own websites.  Unfortunately, some still suffer from pages loading much slower than others.  However, with the help of the right tactics - one can easily make his site load faster, leading to the retention of site visitors.

Here are some useful tips on how to make your website perform faster:


It is a known fact that one of the main reasons why websites take longer to load or have slow performance is because it has too many features.  However, by eliminating unnecessary add-ons and plugins in your website, you will be able to create faster loading time.

In some instances, a website may also load a bit slower because a customer is visiting it for the first time – which means that the site is still being stored in the system.

Take note, however, that speed alone will not make a site good at all.  It must likewise have all the necessary information that a customer may need - without having to sacrifice performance.  And you can make this possible may making your website simple – while maintaining its efficiency and accuracy at the same time.

In other words, always try to balance performance and appearance.  Remember that though a website may look really good – it’s not really that excellent if your website’s performance will be affected.  Try to minimize and reduce the size and amount of images in your site to allow it to perform better and faster.

Update regularly

We all know that ecommerce and the web evolves with a different trend regularly – and at a very fast pace that introduces numerous features constantly.  Obviously, if you can’t learn what these updates are and keep up with them - you can expect to be left behind by other websites

Take note that even those high performing websites will not be able to compete with new websites 2 years from now if it doesn’t update itself.  In other words, it’s pretty much like gaming - if you had a very powerful computer 2 years ago, it’s not going to be that powerful with the games coming out today, because of the specification requirements. It’s just like the saying: the world constantly moves and changes - and if you don’t move and change with it, your going to be left behind.

Remember though that updating your system does not necessarily mean that you are no longer simplifying.  This just means that you will have to balance everything and get the right procedures done in order to maximize performance and its benefits.

Appearance matters

Having your website look like its loading faster may likewise do the trick for you.  You can try having a website that will look like it loads a bit faster than how it actually does by having some tweaks done accordingly. Remember, appearance can have a great effect in ecommerce.  Besides, the internet can be very visual – and if you are able to have clean automated web designs which will make your site look like it loads faster - then you may be able to get away with it.  If not, then try to find ways to do so.

In the end, what is primordial is that you are able to make your site perform more efficiently and at a faster pace.  Why?  Because the better your performance is – the more your conversions will be.  It’s actually as simple as that.


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