Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Optimization for both search engine and social network

Finding a decent and good ranking among search engines continues to be a challenge for online marketers and SEO experts, with so much happening online and changes occurring – its actually quite an exciting time to be online.

One such obstacle is social marketing optimization or SMO.  This is in line with the trend of search engines becoming more intelligent, and Google’s new algorithm – which requires more quality content in order to get a good page ranking – as well as social media users becoming more impatient and easily bored.

On-page optimization is one of the factors of optimization where attention must be aptly given in order to work.  Now, it won’t take too much of your time to learn and utilize these optimization practices. But take note that you will have to do the right on-page optimization tactics - otherwise you won’t rank well with search engines and you won’t get the social sharing that you’ll need, thereby resulting to a decrease in traffic.

Here are some of the most common on-page optimization techniques that you can do yourself and apply to your website or social network page, to gain better exposure to search engines and social networks.

Interesting title

Like search engine optimization, social media optimization is pretty much the same. You need to come up with fascinating titles, one which describes the social network’s fan page, the website and the business that it promotes.  However, if your site is not yet that widely known – this may result to smaller traffic to your website or to your social network profile, so you may also want to include your services or products along with your brand name in your social networking page title.

Another factor in defining success for your website and social site title is its uniqueness. Social media users and website visitors are regularly shown different contents – and so by being unique, you will be able to get their attention, so don’t copy and past what your competitors or others are doing. Come up with something unique, and different. You want to stand out from the crowd.

Fresh Content

Like all websites, whether for search engine or social media optimization, content is very important. Visitors respond to any signals created by social networks, since it relies mainly on the number of shares by readers.  So, you will need your followers and subscribers to be fascinated, entertained and informed in order for them to voluntarily share your social network page.

As for SEO, even if you can direct traffic to your website, but you can’t retain your visitors because your content is old and generic, then it still won’t boost your business productivity and profits.

On the other hand, some businesses are incorporating both SEO and SMO tactics, by providing links like forums, blog sites, Twitter and Facebook pages in their company websites.  With these, the visitor can click that link and if interested, they can then subscribe and follow accordingly. In this way, he/she can now read new posts in your fan pages, and at the same time, they can check out reviews and comments from other customers and subscribers.

It is also advisable that you attach videos and images in your content, since most online users are visual, and having this media to help you will promote more shares.  Also, you might want to provide easy “share this” buttons to promote entice the sharing of your content to gain more followers, subscribers and visitors.

Social Channels and Keywords

You will also need to pay attention on what sort of channels most of your customers are checking and frequenting. By monitoring your specific demographic, you can now decide as to what media you’ll be using to further attract and retain them.

By doing tests on different types of platforms and media, you can then decide as to which one will best work on your customers.  If other words, if most of your customers are into videos, you will need to invest in more videos in order to gain and maintain their interest. Overall you can run polls and ask questions on social networking sites, to what kind of content or information your followers would be interested in, or would like to see on your website.

Another technique is to monitor and analyze tags, and other phrases that may be related to your topic. From these phrases you can now base the titles of your post to be more search-engine friendly, and you can constantly change and update your social network posts, to go along with those topics that are trending.


Both SEO and SMO, needs to promote the website, the fan page and the brand that they represent. Create a system to socially interact with your customers and followers. A great example for this is by developing a blog for your website which has links to various popular social network sites, it can actually work as a bridge or a merging point connecting your products and services on your website, and your presence online.

In this way, you are actually growing you business network - while continually promoting your optimized content at the same time.  With enough exposure, your contents will be noticed and be shared by the public - thereby increasing traffic and followers to your social media site and website – and more profits as well.

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