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Tips on The New Facebook Timeline Business Page Changes - Video

From March 31st Facebook time line will be available for business profiles. I go over some tips and changes on Facebook business pages, and how your business can embrace these changes.

The points covered in the video:

- Time Line (size 851 x 315)

- Custom Apps (size 111 x74)

- Highlight Post

- Pin a post

- Milestones

- About Us section

- The new admin panel

- New messaging system

- Facebook Deals


Video: Tips on The New Facebook Timeline Business Page Changes - Video

From March 31st Facebook time line will be available for business profiles. Wasim Ismail goes over some tips and changes on Facebook business pages, and how your business can embrace these changes.



Hi guys this is Wasim of Alrayes Web Solutions. In this episode, I'm going to touch some points about Facebook marketing and some tips on how you can actually embrace the new changes that Facebook has implemented, specially about introducing the timeline for businesses as we all know by the end of this month, by the end of March, all business profiles will be automatically upgraded to Facebook's timeline feature. So before that, make sure that our pages are fully optimized and will familiarize ourselves with all the changes that are available on timeline and we can go forward and really impress our customers and really start to engage with our customers better. Now just before I start, I just want to cover some myths and some statistics especially for businesses because it's not only about how many likes you have now, it's more about engaging with followers, gaining more and more of followers to actually talk about you and increasing your reach. Because many businesses are under the impression that they need to have more and more likes -- get more likes, get more likes. And if those likes of those individuals or those users are not actually talking about your business or not actually engaging with you, then there's no point in having X amount of likes. Sometimes, you might have noticed or many businesses may have noticed that they have 50,000 followers or 60,000 followers and what actually happens when they update a post or when they put up an update on their Facebook page is only 3 or 4 people are actually liking that or are actually talking about or engaging with that. The reason for that is there is actually been some statistics that's been taken and what it shows is, if you have 10,000 followers or 10,000 likes on your Facebook page, your reach is only approximately about 35%. So what that means is that 35% or 3,500 people would actually see your post when you update, when you update something. This is all the way Facebook decides which content to display in the walls of your followers and the way Facebook algorithm works. And if you pump that up to about 100,000 followers, if you've got business with 100,000 followers, this doesn't mean that all of those 100,000 followers will actually see your post. You're reach of 100,000 followers is approximately around 25% which is great that's 25,000 will actually see your update. And if you really push that up to 1,000,000 followers or 1,000,000 likes you have in your Facebook page or like many businesses you have more than 1,000,000 likes, when you look at the figure, it comes up to about 10%. So you can see the percentage actually starts to reduce. What you can do as a business, is start to engage more with your followers. Give then a reason. I went on a webinar with Amy Portfield recently, and what she actually states is if you want bottom line results, you must create ways to keep fans coming back for more. Collect leads from quality fans and get them to take action inside and outside of Facebook, okay? So, what that means is basically, you want to put something on your Facebook page which encourages people or encourages your fans to come back onto your Facebook, to come back more and more into your Facebook, similar to your website. If you have a website, you want your readers; you want your business visitors to come back again and again and again and start to interact and maybe talk about you on Facebook and also talk about you outside Facebook. So that's what Amy Portfield is stating there. The statistics that I talked about earlier is from the Like Economy which I put the links in the description below. Now let's go on to the some of the changes that Facebook has implemented which probably you already know, timeline is one of the main one. Now what timeline is, is the image that comes across right at the top of your Facebook page. Now it's like what I say, it's like a banner on your website. Now, ideally, you want to come up with creative ways of how you can, what posts you can put in there, what Facebook actually wants is, it wants you to change that on a regular basis. And they also put in there some restrictions that you, what kind of images or what kind of timeline cover you can and can't have. Which again, I will put in the description to the blog wherein which highlights all the restrictions you have. But just to give you an idea, some of the restrictions others said, you can't have any sort of address or any sort of offers or call of action on your timeline cover. So again if you have got an offer, if you got a sale, you can't put that on your timeline cover, you can't put an address, you can't put any call of action on your timeline covers.

So, you can't encourage your followers, you know click on the link below or click over here to come to this or click on this to get this voucher and the timeline cover can't be dominated by text. There has to be some images. So what Facebook is really trying to do is to really push that image, really push out your brand. Now as a business, okay, there're some restrictions you can't do, you know it's a bit ashamed you can't put any offers or sales but what you can do is be a bit more creative in it. Now, there's a couple of options you could do. You can have the simple option where you have the image at the top when you've got your logo you've got your brand so really showing out your brand and showing off what you do. The other way you can actually use the timeline cover is if you've got any particular products or any upcoming sale or any upcoming products that's actually happening so it's not sales ignore that but what you could do is raise curiosity. You can take a picture of your product you, maybe launching in the summer, put that in your timeline cover and label coming soon. Something like that. So again, it raises curiosity, gets more and more people to talk about you, to talk and ask and you questions on Facebook and what I say is, it's like your website banner. So whatever you change in your website, maybe you can have something similar on your Facebook cover so it has that consistency users know exactly that they are on the right fanpage and it's the same company that they're dealing with. And also, if it's an image, images are great way to increasing engagement with your audience and with your followers. The other thing that you can do with your timeline cover if you are a high street shop, maybe take a picture of your shop and upload the picture of your shop front. Again, it builds that local authority and gives users an assurance that, this is the business that I am looking for. So again, you're reaching out to your audience and trying to interact with them and make sure the size is right. I mean it's 851 by 315 pixels wide. So try to upload the banner according to that size. If you upload anything larger or anything smaller it will extract it will crop it into the particular size and the image may not come out as crisp as it should be. So again, if you're in touch with the graphic designer or if you know a graphic designer, get them to do some banners for you which you could upload into your timeline cover, you know, if you're a retail shop or even an online store, you could have the timeline cover changed on a monthly basis depending on what offers you're having or depending on the season. But again, just keep the restrictions in mind, what you can and can't do. Because if Facebook don't like your timeline cover, they can pull it down and what that means it you have to upload another one. So that's some points on the timeline. Another feature that Facebook also has implemented is custom tabs, custom apps. This used to be known as custom tabs before so it's exactly the same as that it's just renamed to apps and what it is, is that, right under the timeline cover we see these boxes. It displays three boxes. Now this is your custom apps. And again, you can be a bit more creative with there; you can put call of actions in there, you can put, you can give a reason to your followers to click on your apps. You know. Don't an app there and think that, this and this and this. Put a reason there and make sure again, to be a bit more creative with the design. So it's 111 by 74 that's the thumbnail size of the box and when somebody clicks on it, what you could do is make sure that the apps have an html editor and what you could include in there is anything basically. If you're trying to build a mailing list, you could put you know, you could encourage users to leave you their email addresses if you've got your offers that you want to put in there, you could do that. You can even ask users to download this voucher or click here to claim something that they get a certain discount on. Again, be a bit more creative with the timeline is something that you want your visitors to come, or e-followers to come back again and see what apps or what update you've done on your custom apps. And the width of the apps when somebody clicks on it is 800 by 10 pixels wide. It's more like a website; it's like a mini website or mini webpage on your Facebook profile. Again, a great way. So make sure that you take full advantage of these apps, and as I said you can display three at the top which gets displayed automatically right under your timeline cover but you can actually have up to 12 apps at one particular time. So there a little arrow at the right hand side. When a user clicks on that, it opens up the rest, so you can see all 12 apps for that particular business. So, again make sure that you're using, you do use the, you do choose the free apps that do that display right under the timeline. Make sure you choose them wisely. Again, try to increase engagement, try to get users to actually click on these apps. So make sure to put the 3 apps at the top which are the more important one which users will click on. And again, as I've said, be creative and give a reason for users to come back and like that particular app.

Then another feature that Facebook has actually implemented in the new one is the highlight post which I think is fantastic. What that does it, because the posts or the updates are displayed in two columns. You got some on the left hand side and you got some on the right hand side and if you really want to shout about something or really want to highlight something, you can click on the lit up star icon and when you update a post what that does is it stretches the post across the width of that, of your profile. Now if you've got some images that you want to highlight, videos is the perfect way to highlight that, any particular product, offer, sales, anything that you your want your users to see in front of them, click on that highlight post and it stretches that across your home profile page. So it's a great way, so if someone is skimming down your Facebook page and you want to show them certain parts of your Facebook, or certain updates that you've put, highlight those post so that users can actually easily see them. Great way to do that is with images, photos and any updates or offers that you have with the highlight. Now, I wouldn't recommend you to really abuse that and have the highlight on most of your posts, because, in that way, it's something normal you know, this page always has highlight ones so be, you know be a bit creative with it. Don't highlight every other post. Maybe once a week or once every other day depending on your audience, depending on what sort of business you're in. So again that's the feature that you could use in a business and you should use that maybe once a week or every other day depending on what you are updating. Another great feature that Facebook is putting in place is the pin post. What that does is when you update a post and you want to pin that at the top of your Facebook page you can click on the little pin icon and then click on pin to the top. What that does is, it pins that post right at the top of your Facebook page or rather at the top of your wall updates and it actually stays there for actually 7 days. So if you've got actually like a {server} that you are doing or a competition that you are running or if there's any post that you want your visitors or you want your audience to see and stay at the top you can pin that at the top. You can't use the pin and the highlight post together; it's one or the other. So decide which one you're going to do. Maybe after you've pinned it, you can highlight it to stretch across your Facebook page. But again, after 7 days, the post will be unpinned and start to push down along the rest of your content every time you update something. So the main difference with the highlight and the pin a post is highlight it gets stretched across the page and the pin post actually stay there at the top of the page and doesn't get pushed down with the rest of your content. So decide which option you want to use and use accordingly. And another feature that Facebook's implemented is milestones. So if you've got something to really boast about, really show off or if you've won any awards or there's a new product has been launched in to your business or there's a new site you've opened up or a country that you've gone into, it's a milestone. So use advantage of the milestone feature, make sure you; it gives you an option to add description, add texts, add links, photos. So again, take time out to put some description into it also put a link.

Always put a link in your milestone. Because you can put a certain amount of text in and maybe put a link to a blog post, a news article or maybe a link to your website so users can actually find out more about this line, uh, this milestone. And also, make sure you do upload images accordingly unto your milestone.

Just want to touch briefly on the pin a post. The pin a post action actually allows you to target certain areas, which is great. So let's say for example, I want this post only be pinned for my audience that are in London, and what I can do is click the geographical settings and set this setting to London. And what that would mean is only my audience in London would see this post pinned at the top and the rest of them will not see that. So again, it's a great way if you've got promotions or you've got offers in certain areas or certain countries, or certain cities, you can use that geographical tool to really push out the post where you want it to show. And you've got the About You section. The About You section is the section right next to the logo you've got a bit of text. Now, many businesses don't use that tool to their advantage they just put let's say for example, their online retailer or your local you know your local clothing shop or your local car dealer. So you've got 165 characters so make sure to use all of that also put a link into it but again be a bit more descriptive with your description and make sure your fill that section up fully. You can do that in the settings of your business profile section. And then the admin section, you may've noticed with the new timeline profile, the admin section for businesses, right at the top and it's more prominent and easy to see. Before, you had to click on one of the tabs or the apps on the left hand side and click on insights. So you can quickly see what post is what's got the most reach, how many people are actually liking that post and how many people have re-shared that post. Again, what I find is that many businesses don't actually use the insights or the analytics that Facebook has provided to the full advantage. Every time you post an update, take some time out to see how that post has performed, if you, how many people have liked that post, how many people have re-shared it, how many people actually saw that post and didn't do anything it gives you an idea of what time of the day is the best to post and what kind of post does start more engagement and get users to actually follow you and talk about you the most. Your admin section, you do make sure you use it to its full potential.

Another point that you have to keep in mind that with the new timeline profile, there are some statistics that are now available to the public for a business, such as, if you go into a profile, and you click on the like, the number of likes that the business has, a new page pops up that shows you how many, well it gives a statistics of what's been the most popular week for that particular business or for that particular business profile, what's been the most popular age group and also what's been the most popular city. So again, it's great for, you come back again and find some research and get a bit of insights on how your competitors' profile is working and how it's performing. You can click on the like tab or like app and see and it gives you those insights so if you are switching over, to the timeline profile or when you do switch over to the timeline profile, these statistics, and these analytics will be available to the general public.

And then you've got a really cool feature which is the messaging system. It's like the contact me form on your website, when somebody clicks on the message a form pops up where they can send you a directly personal message. A great way for a business to use that as part of the customer service and what you do is, prompt your followers prompt your audience to use the messaging service and rather than tapping out any queries or any problems they may having onto your wall. Again, it drives all that negative comments and negative queries off your wall and into your personal message box. Before, you switch that on, make sure you can handle an extra inbox, because it is an extra inbox that you'd have to manage and reply to. And it's quite easy to turn it on. You just have to go into your admin manage setting and from the permissions, you can tick a box which then switches on the message box or switches off the message box. But if you know, that feature is available there and you can switch that on or off as when you like.

And then just before we finish, we've got the Facebook deals. This has always been there and actually many businesses don't actually use that to its full potential. What you could do is if you've got more information on that, all you've got to do is, go to Facebook.com/deals/checkin. I will put a description below. But what you could do is, create deals for your Facebook page or for your Facebook followers and encourage them to come to your business, come to your premises. There are 3 types of deals that you could actually create or there's 4. One's a charity, there's an individual deal. So for example, if I like you on Facebook, I open up this deal and I'm entitled to the so and so deal. So a business can go and create that deal for all their Facebook fans. Another deal is the loyalty deals. So the more times they buy a few, the more times they come into your premises or the more time you see them in your premises, there's check-in and all it does is after a certain period of time, the way you set the deal is, you release a loyalty deal. So maybe you could do that every 10 check-in or 50 check-in or every 80 or 100 check-ins. You can change that in the settings section. A perfect way for a restaurant or for a coffee shop to really bring those customers back into your premises and get them coming more and more often. And then you've got friends deal, which is like group deal. So let's say, me and my friends want to go into a restaurant, and that restaurant is actually got a, they are using Facebook's friends deal. So, if they say that 8 of my friends come to this restaurant we'll be entitled to 50% off our meal. So again as a business owner, as a restaurant owner, you can switch that deal on and get users to actually come into your business and take advantage of any of the loyalty deals, individual deals or the friends' deals. You can only have on deal open at one particular time, so make sure which one is works best for your business; make sure that you do take advantage of those deals section.

Now just to recap again, every time you upload an image on the new timeline cover, you may have noticed that timeline does give extra prominence on to those images, to videos and they really get displayed large compared to your normal texts. And I actually encourage businesses and individuals to upload images; images are a great way to really spark engagement, to really get your followers to like you and interact with you and maybe even talk about you on your Facebook page. So and every time you upload product or upload an image, sorry, make sure it's the right sizes for the timeline size which is 851x615 pixels, and you've got the custom apps' page size which is 810 pixels and then you've got the thumbnail which is 111x74. So make sure that you do upload images according to the right size and get more and more people to talk about you get more and more people to really engage with you on Facebook and really broaden your reach get as much reach as possible. And some types on posts that you could do is, you can update, you can ask questions, a poll or a survey or anything that you will encourage your followers to come on to your Facebook and interact and like you. So again, you can have competition, you could have just plenty of options, you ought to do a post from the list below the different types of posts and how you can actually use that to your full advantage.

That's all for this episode, I hope you find it beneficial and you can get more information on Facebook and social media on our blog at alrayeswebsolutions.com/blog and you can also check us out on Google plus, on Facebook and also on Twitter. See you next week.

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