Monday, 26 March 2012

Top Tips for Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts

Most online marketers give much attention and focus on optimizing their cart, and how to increase conversion rates of customers, that they fail to notice the cart abandonment rates of 30% to 50% or more that their business is suffering from. And as we all know, cart abandonment, is not a matter that should be underestimated.

Usually, customers that abandon cart are in such a hurry that they decide to just abandon the cart and get back to it if they have the time.  There are also others who thought that they had completed the transaction, when in fact they did not.

Now, you might think that since you have a cart recovery mail in your website, that you don’t have to worry about your customers that abandoned their carts earlier – then think again.  Having just a cart recovery mail does not guarantee results.

Here are some additional tips on hot to successfully recover some of your abandoned carts. 

Avoid Delays – unlike other business transactions, where after taking your clients’ numbers and information, you can wait for a couple days before doing anything – this is inapplicable when it comes to cart recovery.  If you can do recovery methods within the next few minutes or few hours - then do it. This is to provide you with a greater chance of converting that customer into continuing with the buying process.

Besides, surveys have shown that 50%-60% of abandoned carts are recovered within a few hours after the clients abandoned it.  In other words, quick response is the key here.  The faster you are, the greater the chance of recovery.

Get Automated – instead of manually trying to recover abandoned carts, create an automated system that will do it for you. Automated email response is much faster and smarter than manual response.

Follow your customers - plan a series of remarketing campaigns to your customers, usually one for every 4 hrs.  Create these campaigns in different formats and presentations, so that they will appear as different messages coming from more than one sender.

The first email can be just a regular ad, which will act as a reminder that they were about to make a purchase of the item. The next 2 emails can be about discounts and promos and etc.

Segment and Test your calls-to-action - test your email campaigns as to how effective they are in converting your clients. As we all know, creating the right calls-to-action can play a very important role in customer conversion.  Hence, you need to have the right platform, layout, message and images to persuade your customers to make the purchase.

Discourage clients from abandoning cart – don’t reward clients for abandoning carts, instead reward them for not abandoning their carts. You can always provide a little extra something to your clients by giving them small discounts and freebies - sending out the message that you appreciate them for not abandoning their carts.

However, don’t send a discount offer at anytime.  Only send them to customers who have engaged in multiple purchases with you, and who have no record of cart abandonment.  You must also identify and segment those email accounts that made purchases after receiving a discount offer.  This way, you can identify those who are loyal buyers and those who are merely waiting for discounts.

Give your customers more value – give your customers some positive reinforcements - such as value for your product, the proper pricing, insurance and other guarantees.  Remember that by giving them equal and honest reasons as to why they should stick with your company - then this will necessarily persuade your customers to continuing buying from you.  And also, those who abandoned carts earlier might also want to reconsider their transaction with you as well.

cartUse Facebook to follow your abandoners – usually, your website contains cart summary pages, which will contain basic information about your customer.  By using this information, you can distinguish whether your customer has been referred to you by email, or other platform.  You can then use Google ads to target your customer’s interest thereafter.  Your ad will follow your customer to his/her Facebook page and any site that shows Google ads.  Eventually, this will get your client’s attention and it will lead to a higher chance of cart abandonment recovery.

These are just some of the things that you can do to increase the chance of recovering from shopping cart abandonment.  In the end, what is important is that you are able to convince those that left to come back – for more sales and more profits.

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