Tuesday, 17 April 2012

12 Point Path For The Evolutionary Phase Of SEO And Search Engines In 2012

The web and search patterns are all evolving for the better and so is SEO. Evolution and change has always been the inherent feature of SEO but now SEO is evolving not only in methodology but also in technique. Thanks to Google for their constant updates for improving the quality of search results.

We are at that juncture of WWW and Search times when the shift is towards the meaning and its logical correlation of the search made by the query from the search engine. We have reached that layer of the web cake where every website owner has to have a semantic slice on his website markup supported by the trust and authority factor.

12 Point Path For This Evolutionary SEO Phase of 2012 To Develop A Quality Online Presence and Persona:

1. Content Is King undoubtedly but, correlation is what will make the content reach out to more hence cater to correlate to a wide range of keyword data rather than focusing on only few selected  keywords alone . Work on synonyms and other local language terms too.

2. Do not go overboard with the on-page optimization.

3. User generated content (UGC) has more weight than the website content affecting the trust and authority factor.

4. Have equal presence (Balance) on Twitter, FB and Google+ as you never know when the hose for all the social media signals will be open to all search engines. Google Plus is not only a social media platform; it is the convergence of you over all web presence.

5. A blog is the source of fresh content and caters very well to queries which require the freshness factor for being ranked.

6. People prefer to view video rather than read text, hence have quality videos for “How To...” posts and for product display.

7. Ecommerce sites need the trust factor the maximum. Have a SSL certificates or a secure payment gateway. The ultimate trust factor is the previous reviews by online buyers and constant online sales. Hence, encourage people to buy online by offering discounts if they buy online.

8. The social media engagement and presence establish your online persona. In real life you are what your thoughts are but online you are what you share and publish hence, think before you tweet and ponder before you post.

9. The content is read by the visitors but the code behind the content is what is read by the bots hence offer the code in microformats and schemas for people, reviews, videos, products, author…etc. so that the search engine can display the rich snippet in SERPs and also future proof the content for the semantic web.

10. Try to establish the brand power by having consistency in the logo on the website, social media, blog, email signature and wherever you make a mark via comments on the web.

11. Natural links are important. Work on all types of content and share it and the links, which get added naturally, are more valuable.

12. Share your knowledge with your readers and visitors via blog posts, videos, blog comments , answering questions, discussions, Twitter chats and every other possible way  online so that you develop an overall web presence and gradually try to become a thought leader.

classic searchAuthority, trust and Goodwill cannot be bought it has to be earned. Hence every digital footprint you make on the web is adding up to the Halo of the overall aura that your online presence is creating. As discussed in one of the recent SEO conferences “SEO IS NOT A CHECKLIST”, it is a constant endeavour to improve the search presence in accordance to the norms of the search engines in a way that no algoquakes can adversely affect it.



  1. What it comes down to is creating online content that will attract your target audience. The search engines want to provide users with the best possible results. Don't over-optimize for the search engines. Instead, focus on the user experience and search rankings will follow.

  2. You are absolutely right Nick, Content is the nucleus around which the whole search campaign revolves.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    Have a nice day!

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